From vision to embed – institutional change

By John Maher, Director of Learning and Information Services, University of the Highlands and Islands

The Corporate Information Systems Group (CISG) is partnering with its sister group, Project and Change Management Group (PCMG) to bring you a joint conference covering all aspects of delivering change in our organisations. 

We are facing increasing pressure to deliver more with less and decrease the time to value of our information systems and service changes. But, how do you implement system and service changes in an increasingly 24/7/365 operation and how do you demonstrate the value of them? SaaS and delivery techniques like Agile present real challenges for us as practitioners, and our organisations built on traditional project and change governance structures. 

The Conference will explore the nature of change in our organisations using a lifecycle model based on four main stages: Creating a vision for change, engaging people, delivering it and finally, embedding the change.

Creating a vision for change

The first day focuses on the drivers for change from two different perspectives. It opens with a keynote from Professor Debra Humphris, Vice-Chancellor, University of Brighton outlining the changing environment our institutions now operate in. 

Sam Grogan, Dean of Students, University of Salford, will be giving the student perspective of what they want from our institutions. The concluding session will be a roundtable where delegates can discuss the themes raised by the previous speakers.

We are facing increasing pressure to deliver more with less

Engaging people

Day two will be engaging from the start as we are privileged to have Professor Stephen Carver, Senior Lecturer in Project and Programme Management at Cranfield University giving his unique perspective on engaging people in change. If you’ve ever seen Stephen present, you’ll know you’ll not want to miss this. Ron Rosenhead, CEO, Project Agency has been involved in project management for over 15 years. He will finish the first session by outlining the key role of the engaged project sponsor.

Delivering change

New this year will be sessions focused on institutional showcases, a highlight from UCISA’s management conference earlier in the year. These give institutions a chance to highlight the great work being done in our universities and colleges and share with colleagues the highs, and lows, of these change projects. Sandwiched between these will be an opportunity for our suppliers to give us their perspective on the trends and challenges they see for our sector. 

Then it’s time for delegates to get into their smart outfits for the now legendary Conference Dinner! 

No doubt great conversations will take place throughout the evening, an experience much valued by everyone who attends.

Embedding change

The last day starts by presenting some of the great work that UCISA and its Groups do on behalf of the sector. Simon Geller, Senior Project Manager, University of Sheffield will be introducing the Project and Change Management Toolkits.  

Sally Bogg, Head of User End Services, Leeds Beckett University and Chair of the Support Services Group will be presenting the trials and tribulations of our service delivery colleagues who have to live with the aftermath of our change projects. 

The Conference will close with an exciting and unique insight into maximising future opportunities within an environment of perpetual change and uncertainty.

The Conference values greatly the support of its Exhibitors and Business showcase contributors and coupled with the Programme and spectacular venue, this year’s CISG-PCMG Conference will be unmissable. 

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