Creating impact in higher education at Bett 2017

Bett returns to ExCel London from 25 to 28 January, with a fresh focus on game changers within education

With higher education legislation being modified so frequently, it’s important that professionals in the field stay abreast of the changes that lie around the corner, and how they may affect their teaching practice and the learning experience of students. Bett, the leading global education event, provides an opportunity to do just this by joining other HE professionals and experts to share knowledge and gain insights into HE, not only in the UK but across the world. Bett will be returning to ExCel London from 25 to 28 January 2017, with a fresh focus on game changers within education – those people, products and organisations creating an impact on the way we teach and learn. 

With programmes dedicated to HE that will address policy and practice, leadership, governance, and assessment methods, Bett 2017 is set to provide invaluable insight for everyone in the HE sector – from academics and tutors to business managers, policy-makers, suppliers and industry experts. Here are just a few of the features which will be of value to HE professionals…

Bett Futures 

Bett Futures, a platform designed to nurture start-up companies in the education sector, is returning to Bett in association with the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) after two successful years. Bett Futures celebrates brave thinking, innovative new products and education game changers. It was designed as a unique, global platform for emerging learning solutions that would improve the lives of students everywhere.

Continued professional development (CPD) opportunities:  

Higher Education Leaders Summit 

New for Bett 2017, The Higher Education Leaders Summit has been developed to address some of the most significant challenges currently facing senior leaders across HE. Open to HE leaders, this summit provides a valuable opportunity to hear about and discuss the latest legislation updates, pedagogy and leadership strategies. The summit will offer the opportunity to learn from HE peers from the UK and abroad, sharing practical insights into the teaching and learning experience at universities across the world.  

Attendees will share critical insights into legislation updates, the use of technology to enhance student attainment, new pedagogy and innovative strategies. As recent changes within the sector have given rise to challenging questions, this programme provides the perfect opportunity to equip yourself with the skills needed to flourish in a rapidly changing educational landscape. 

The summit will cover important topics such as the Teaching Excellence Framework, learning analytics and how to use them effectively in HE, traditional assessment methods and their suitability with modern pedagogy, as well as the evolution of learning spaces within the digital landscape and how we can ensure student safety online.

Practitioner-led Learn Live seminars 

The Higher Education Learn Live session will provide the opportunity for HE professionals to understand some of the most important challenges facing the sector in a time of rapid change. Come along to ensure you are equipped to deal with the numerous challenges facing the sector, such as changes in funding, and the evolution of learning spaces in the digital age. 


Here is a flavour of the kind of HE solution providers who will be exhibiting at the show:

Stand B448: ClickMeeting was founded in 2011 to provide a complete webinar solution for businesses, both large and small. Its mission is to be the premier provider of flexible, self-service webinar solutions that help users reach, engage, educate, and convert your audience. ClickMeeting is rich in features that help users before, during and after their webinar.

Stand G430: Hello Telecom offers a complete set of communications solutions including calls and lines, data connectivity (broadband, EFM and leased circuits), hosted telephony (IP Contrex), SIP trunks, call recording and bespoke network solutions. Its Management Portal is available for administration and a support line is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Stand H73: Bulb is the easiest, most elegant digital portfolio for teachers and students alike. Facilitating reflection, illustrating academic or professional growth, and championing authentic digital citizenship is easy with this tool. It allows you to easily create, reflect on and share projects, presentations, assignments, writing samples, lessons and other works. Because it is web-based and not tied to a particular class or university, students own their bulb portfolio forever, empowering them to pioneer their own education journeys. Bulb portfolios are organised into collections (like folders) and pages, allowing others to navigate through someone’s body of work intuitively, like one would a story.

Bett 2017 is free to attend and will take place from Wednesday 25 to Saturday 28 January 2017 at ExCel London

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