Could bespoke academic writing support give your students the confidence to help them stay the course?

Pearson would like to invite you to a free, one-hour webinar designed to help you tackle the issues around academic writing in UK higher education

Recent research has confirmed that students view feedback on drafts of work and support from staff as being most important*. Pearson’s experience in this area shows that receiving feedback on the quality of their writing before being graded, and understanding to what extent writing contributes towards grades, gives students a much better chance to strengthen their argument and produce high-quality writing.

Pearson would like to invite you to a free, one-hour webinar designed to help you tackle the issues around academic writing in UK Higher Education. Led by two of the leading experts in the field of academic writing, Christa Ehmann and Allyson Tearnan, this one-off opportunity will take place at 2pm on Tuesday 30th July. 

This valuable session will give you the opportunity to see how faculties offering online essay review services to their students for writing assignments, speech preparation and Lab reports have:

  • received significantly better written work from those students using the service
  • found student discussion posts were much improved and better quality writing led directly to significantly more involved and in-depth discussion threads
  • witnessed students who already thought they could write well found online tutoring a great refresher and helped strengthen their writing.

You will also be able to see how Pearson’s highly-valued writing support service, Smarthinking, can contribute to expanding students’ understanding of proper writing techniques – without editing or correcting work – and offer a robust solution to your students’ academic writing needs.

Working with your existing support

Complementing the support provided by your in-house teams, Smarthinking offers high-quality expert academic help and writing support anytime, anywhere. Through Smarthinking, students can submit a piece of writing for review and receive personalised writing feedback from experienced tutors, as well as receiving 24/7 immediate help with a one-off question via a live discussion with an experienced tutor. This cost-effective service provides value for everyone – from first years to postgraduates, mature students and international students, and is particularly useful for commuter or distance-learning students. Used by over 10 million students across 1000 institutions worldwide, Smarthinking is helping students everywhere become confident with their academic writing. 

Request Pearson’s free academic writing guide, which gives you a glimpse into the breadth and depth of support we can offer your institution towards tackling this common challenge, and learn more by signing up for your free place at this webinar

*An Investigation of First-Year Students’ and Lecturers’ Expectations of University Education, Stefanie Hassel and Nathan Ridout. Frontiers in Psychology 2017.

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