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Improving working practices will be at the heart of ucisa’s November event bringing together the Corporate Information Systems Group and Project and Change Management Group

The ucisa Corporate Information Systems Group (CISG) and the Project and Change Management Group (PCMG) are delighted to host the annual conference and exhibition at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel at Heathrow from 20–22 November 2019.

As IT professionals, we continually look to improve our services and assimilate new technologies, and thus we find ourselves working in constantly evolving environments, dealing with complex, interactive and competing demands. Financially, there is huge uncertainty within the sector, and we have increasing competition for students across higher and further education, in both the UK and international markets.

Brexit is presenting its own unique challenges for students, researchers and financing, as are the recent Augar Report recommendations in terms of overall funding models, degree alignment and a refocusing on technical qualifications/apprenticeships and lifelong learning opportunities.

All this together serves to underline that we must find better, faster and smarter working practices.

We need to start to control the agenda and manage expectations in the short term

We need to look critically at our business processes and embrace new technologies and innovation, analytics, artificial intelligence, service integrations, hybrid environments and cloud services, all while maintaining quality of service and data integrity and security. We need to look internally at how we are structured and how we manage our technical services to ensure efficiency and agility. The system development landscape has changed for many in higher and further education – we tend now to buy, configure and integrate rather than build – but our working practices have been slow to adapt.

Working better, smarter and faster will be a challenge to implement, but we do need to start to control the agenda and manage expectations in the short-term to allow a window to introduce new working practices and business processes, develop staff skills and establish new systems and services and integrations. Understanding what digital means for your institution, agreeing and scoping your digital landscape, introducing analytics and artificial intelligence, and having an efficient integration layer for internal and external services will facilitate communication, agility and help us work smarter.

The conference will highlight how institutions are striving to address the challenge of change and the role that our professional communities and third-party suppliers can offer in terms of support, consultancy and collaboration opportunities.

CISG-PCMG19 will offer excellent opportunities to consult and network with peers and is supported by a host of vendors who will be exhibiting their solutions and providing their thoughts and experiences. Delegates at this event normally comprise CIOs, IT directors, heads of area and those responsible for the development and implementation of corporate and academic systems, programme and project management and business improvement processes.

The annual CISG-PCMG Conference and Exhibition is an extremely popular event, so ensure you book early to secure your place and avoid disappointment.

Ucisa’s CISG-PCMG19 takes place from 20–22 November at Radisson Blu Edwardian Heathrow. For more information, visit

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