Apply for the Green Gown Awards 2018

Green Gown Awards not only show the value you bring to students, employers and wider society, they also open doors to new opportunities

Are you a part of the global innovation and problem-solving power of students, universities and colleges?

Do you want to be known as the Institution of the Year or recognised as having an Outstanding Leadership Team? Do you want to show how your institution is Benefiting Society or known as having the Campus of the Future?

Are you providing Next Generation Learning and Skills and creating Tomorrow’s Employees? Then apply for the Green Gown Awards this year. We have new categories making them more relevant for you, your institution and your stakeholders.

Established as the most prestigious recognition of sustainability best practice within the further and higher education sectors in the UK & Ireland, the Green Gown Awards provide the sector with benchmarks for excellence and are

aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and supported by the UN, national governments and education bodies.

Reward your leadership 

Working on sustainability research and programmes in your institution is common practice these days but how do you get the recognition you deserve? Applying for a Green Gown Award not only shows the value you bring to students, employers and wider society, but it also opens the doors to new opportunities and motivates those involved to do more. This year’s categories are:

Organisational categories:

 – Benefiting Society 

 – Campus Health, Food and Drink

 – Campus of the Future 

 – Enterprise

 – Next Generation Learning and Skills

 – Research with Impact (Institution)

 – Student Engagement 

 – Sustainability Institution of the Year 

 – Tomorrow’s Employees 

 – Total Reporting

Individual and team categories:

 – Outstanding Leadership Team of the Year 

 – Research with Impact (Student) 

 – Sustainability Champion of the Year 

Want to be a part of it? 


 – Closing date: 8 June 2018

 – New and revised categories – making the Awards relevant for you

 – A simplified application form – making applying easier and quicker

 – Recognising those with limited budgets – small institution applications are welcomed

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