Adopting active learning

Educators are exploring what it means to be learner-centric, says Steelcase Education

The future comes to the classroom every day. A new generation of tech savvy and connected students arrives with radically different experiences and expectations. Aware of the global economy and the competition it represents, students and their families are placing increasingly higher demands on education at all levels.

Innovative technology offers educators new approaches for learning and instruction. Educators are exploring what it means to be learner-centric, adopting active learning pedagogies and embracing technology that supports varied educational strategies. Yet both students and educators still face the challenge of having to operate in facilities built for age-old ways of learning and teaching. 

Sean Corcorran, General Manager of Steelcase Education, is talking at the Higher and Further Education show about ongoing Steelcase research and insights and how active learning has become the foundation of our solutions developed specifically for students and educators. “Learning happens anywhere and can be synchronous or asynchronous, formal or informal.

Carefully considering the requirements and interdependencies of pedagogy, technology and space helps establish new protocols for advanced learning environment solutions. The active learning ecosystem should be considered holistically— not only as part of the building master plan, but part of the learning master plan as well. This learning space strategy influences all spaces—from classrooms to libraries and cafés—and helps connect different stakeholders on their quest for higher level learning throughout the day.”

Visit Steelcase Education at the HE&FE Show, stand number 264.


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