A lovely memento of Leicester

Our Young Leaders Award Marketing Magician winner Amy Cory tells us about plans for her future in higher education

How do you see your role developing at your university in the next couple of years? 

I have recently taken up the post of Alumni Relations Manager at Leeds Beckett University, and so am able to use my communication and marketing skills gained from my time at the University of Leicester to keep alumni connected to their University.

What are the main challenges your department and sector across universities will face in the future? 

Alumni relations is such a varied area as we are communicating with a whole range of different people with a whole range of needs – from your 21-year-old graduate to your 101 year old retiree, which provides a challenge to ensure we are offering appropriate ways for everyone to stay connected via a medium they are comfortable using and with appropriate messages – it can’t just be a one size fits all approach.

Amy Cory (right) with University of Leicester’s Media and Events Officer Ellen Rudge

Where do you see yourself in a few years time? 

That’s a great question. As this is still a really new role for me, hopefully with an established programme of regular and consistent, but innovative and engaging activity to foster a life-long relationship with our alumni.

Would you like to mentor more young people in the future yourself?

Absolutely. Universities are a great place for young people to build interesting and varied careers. I’ve been fortunate in all of my roles to benefit from mentoring from some fantastic managers and senior colleagues and hope I have learnt from the best on how to share my experiences and offer advice and support to more university colleagues.

What are the best things about working in the university sector? 

It’s exciting to be at the cutting-edge of research. Working at the University of Leicester during the reinterment of Richard III was a once in a career opportunity – the academics who discovered his remains and identified him, literally rewrote the history books, and I got to play a small role in helping them to communicate it which was such an honour.

It is a really exciting sector because everyone’s role is so varied and everyone is so passionate about their own area which means you are always working with inspired people who are experts in such varied things. Now, working in alumni relations, I get to speak to some amazing and inspirational people on a daily basis who have had great successes as a result of the stepping stone their university experience provided.

How you felt  about being nominated for and winning your Young Leader Award? Do you think it will be a career boost for the future?   

I was so honoured to have been nominated for a Young Leader Award in recognition for my work at the University of Leicester – to make the top three was such a privilege. I was really surprised when my name was announced on the night as I was up against two other fantastic marketeers.

As I have now left my role at Leicester, the award is such a lovely momento to mark my time there where I was involved in communicating some fantastic projects including the reinterment of Richard III, their commitment to the HeForShe campaign and their £42million Centre for Medicine building.   

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