Warwick adopts student engagement tech

University of the Year adopts leading-edge technology for student engagement

The University of Warwick is capturing the opinions of its students in a uniquely personalised way, following the development of customised software by survey specialist CRT. 

By linking real-time feedback with student identity cards, the Sunday Times University of the Year 2015 is achieving a richer and more contextualised view of its services.

The university has installed CRT’s touchscreen feedback kiosks with an integral card reader for measuring student satisfaction at the point-of-experience. Students swipe their ID cards when responding to a survey, giving the necessary confirmation of their identity and separating their responses from visitors to the university. 24/7, year round surveys are equipping Warwick with a continuous flow of intelligence, helping it to regularly refine and improve its offering and maintain its position in the league tables.        

The student card reader is the latest addition to the ViewPoint platform – CRT’s suite of multi-channel feedback solutions. The Coventry based research experts also support the student insight programmes of several other universities, including Birmingham, Leeds, Edinburgh and De Montfort.

Andy Childerhouse, CRT’s Head of Product Development, consulted with Mark Potter – the University of Warwick’s Head of Service Delivery – to design the technology for reading encrypted student ID information. Warwick chooses how it wishes to see the feedback, which can be sliced and diced for almost unlimited analysis.

Potter commented: “We want to understand the entire student journey, and immediate feedback is key.  CRT’s ‘in-the-moment’ surveys are appealing to our students because they can answer them quickly. 

“Whilst the feedback will be anonymised, it will be interesting to look at the satisfaction levels across the demographics e.g. between first and final year students.” Potter continued: “Accurate and swift gathering of feedback in our cafes, bars, restaurants and shops is embedded in our continuous improvement programme.  We’re already seeing the benefits – for example some of our value items needed to be more visible. CRT’s solution was quick to install and is giving us a wealth of data which we are using to drive ongoing improvements.”

Daily student feedback: helping universities move from good to great

CRT’s technologies and expertise are helping universities to drive up student satisfaction. High quality real-time feedback enables targeted corrective actions to be implemented swiftly, preventing escalation. The pain points of gathering and analysing data are eliminated, freeing universities to focus on what matters most to their students without spending time on the number-crunching. Valid8™ software, an integral part of the ViewPoint feedback platform, quarantines nonsense responses, giving universities the confidence to act on the data.   

Student Insight: delivering beyond expectation

ViewPoint’s powerful reporting capabilities are virtually unlimited. CRT’s university partners see their data precisely how and when they want to.  Insights can be visualised in any format, and satisfaction levels benchmarked with ease.

Intelligent sentiment analysis tools make sense of student comments, presenting them in meaningful ways.  When a service failing occurs, an email may be triggered to the appropriate member of staff for prompt action.    

The case for doing more than the National Student Survey

The connection between student satisfaction and student applications is clear, making student satisfaction scores a priority for universities. However, the National Student Survey has its drawbacks. As it’s conducted annually, it doesn’t provide the HE sector with the means of quickly identifying and addressing the causes of dissatisfaction. 

Given the proven links between student satisfaction, recruitment and financial performance, the ability to identify and resolve sources of student dissatisfaction when they occur is a service differentiator.

Take the first step towards improving your university’s NSS score. To explore how CRT can support your university’s student engagement, email info@crtviewpoint.com or telephone 02476 608 832. 

W: www.crtviewpoint.com

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