Vivreau products ticking eco-boxes

Following the recent HEFCE Revolving Green Fund, unis can now implement ec0-friendly initiatives further

Following the recent announcement from the HEFCE Revolving Green Fund regarding additional investment; universities can now seek funding to implement small and large scale carbon saving projects and now, for the first time, water reduction projects.

Ticking both the carbon saving and water reduction boxes are products within the Vivreau portfolio. Whether it is installing a series of Vi-Taps to reduce the reliance on kettles or a Table Water Bottling System to lower the carbon footprint of bringing in bottled waters from every corner of the globe.

Stephen Charles, Managing Director of Vivreau, is excited by the fund: “It is refreshing to see investment being given to projects that aim to both cut carbon and reduce water usage. These were the key objectives of Vivreau when we set the company up in the late 1980’s and they remain core to our principles today. With so much focus on reducing electricity and energy, water is so often the forgotten partner, yet its importance should never be under estimated.

One university already reaping the benefits is the University of Sheffield as Debbie Tillbrook, Events Operations Manager explains: “As part of our brand values, we’re committed to using local, ethically sourced and environmentally friendly products wherever possible. “I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Vivreau system to others – it’s had a positive impact for us, our customers and the environment. We’ve reduced our carbon footprint as we no longer have to have bottled water delivered regularly, and as the bottles are reusable there’s no need for recycling. It’s also a more cost effective way of providing water and we can pass those savings onto our customers.”

For further information on the Vivreau Table Bottling System or Vi Tap, please call 0845 674 9655 or visit


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