Virtual experiences – what prospective students really want

Sponsored: Revolution Viewing asked 1,000 prospective students about what they require from university rich media content

In its third year, Revolution Viewing’s sector-leading primary research programme has sought the views of 1,000 prospective students on what they need and expect from university rich media content.

As the sector’s leading provider of virtual tours, virtual open days and videos, it’s important that we know how our solutions will meet the needs of their audiences as well as satisfy our university clients.

Thanks to the insight we have, we can tell our university clients exactly what type of content to distribute when, as well as what prospective students want to see on your websites, social media and other digital channels. We can also help universities to understand the differences and similarities in expectations from students from different backgrounds.

Analytics show that Revolution Viewing virtual tours, virtual open days and virtual experiences gain an average of 7,000 unique visitors each month per solution with session times of up to five minutes. Our recent phase of research with prospective students in years 11, 12 and 13 established why our solutions are so successful.

Working in partnership with The Student Room, we tested our solutions with 550 prospective students via an online survey. We also conducted six focus groups in schools and colleges to further explore the survey results.

Here are some general findings from the 550-participant survey which were supported during the focus groups:

 – 88% said a Revolution Viewing solution would be useful in helping prospective students select their perfect university 

 – 93% said that they would be more likely to visit a university after viewing one of our solutions

 – 87% want virtual tour and virtual open day content accessible 24/7

 – 70% of prospective students expected universities to have the type of solution we produce

The survey and focus group insight has enabled us to develop a best practice guide for the production and promotion of virtual tours, virtual open days and other types of digital content.

Please contact Commercial Director Vicky Hayhurst if you think this insight could help your university: 


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