University of Law joins Jisc’s Janet network to boost digital capabilities for students

University of Law have this week signed up to become the latest Jisc Higher Education member

As part of a move to deliver safer and faster internet access for students, the University of Law have this week signed up to become the latest Jisc Higher Education member.

Jisc, who run the ultra-fast Janet network (the same network used by astronaut Tim Peake to talk to school children from space) are pleased to be working with The University of Law (ULaw) and delivering a suite of additional services, which are available to all Jisc members.

Tom Brady, Chief Information Officer at The University of Law said: “The increase in bandwidth without any contended access is a real draw to the Janet network, as is the additional security that comes as standard with Jisc’s CSIRT team It’s also great to be part of the higher education community and benefit from the same trusted advice which has been available to UK universities for the last 35 years.

“One of the other reasons we’re really pleased to be signing this 5-year contract is because the way that security has been increased since previous DDoS attacks on the Janet network, and the reporting and monitoring that Jisc members receive.”

Jon Tucker, Executive Director for Members and Customers at Jisc said: “It’s great to be announcing this new membership with the University of Law. We know from providing the network to Higher and Further Education institutions across the UK (and from our digital experience insights) just how important connectivity is to today’s students. We strive to deliver both a faster and safer internet service, so we’re pleased to also be providing the penetration testing service, designed to improve security within members’ IT systems.”

Lesley Hill, Chief Operating Officer at ULaw added: “So much of teaching and learning relies on technology, and the digital capabilities of the internet determine the software we can use, the student experience we provide, and ultimately the digital capabilities our students acquire as part of their education.  One of the biggest draws to Jisc’s network  is the seamless Eduroam Wi-Fi access. This is key for us when students, staff and courses are located across a variety of partner campuses. We look forward to all the improvements we’ll see as Jisc members”.

What’s so special about the Janet network?

  • The network spans the four corners of the UK from Cornwall to the Shetlands and Belfast to East Anglia
  • It’s the busiest National Research and Education Network (NREN) in Europe, carrying over 1.5 Peta Bytes of information annually – that’s more than all the photos held on Facebook across the globe
  • At its heart lies over 8,500 km of optical fibre carrying multiple 400 Gbit/s backbone circuits
  • Over 700 Jisc members are connected via more than 30,000 km of access circuits
  • Jisc provide a total of over 1.5 Tbit/s of connectivity to hundreds of global networks, cloud services, content providers and more

For further information about Jisc and the Janet network visit

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