Top 10 student lifestyle blogs 2019

Best student lifestyle blog 2019 showcases the best student blog examples in the UK

Do you really know your students? What their real opinions are, what they are about and what they are really interested in?

Staying in touch with today’s university student generation is easier than ever since blogging, vlogging and sharing has become an every day part of life, and when it comes to student recruitment marketing for your university, it remains prevalent that we as educational leaders understand our target audience.

That’s why we have collated the best student blogs 2019 list. Follow the UK’s top 10 student lifestyle vlogs for insight into your customers, and learn to think in their shoes when it comes to creating your offering to attract students in the next academic year.


1 Unjaded Jade – student, vegan lifestyle blog

Unjaded Jade - Academia, self growth student blog lifestyle

Unjaded Jade is a confident young student sharing her academia, self growth, positivism and Vegan blog. Her humble vlog features her lifestyle as a vegan looking to grow her well being and mindset through positive thinking and self growth. She started her channel to help others and has since blown up to be a predominate student lifestyle vlogger in the UK.

2 Jack Edwards – student lifestyle, travel and revision blog

Jack Edwards Student Lifestyle vlog

Durham based student Jack Edwards blogs about travel, student lifestyle at university and revision in his pun filled vlog. Jack has even been recruited by the BBC as a presenter so watch out for him in 2019! His whole purpose is to make people happy and escape the seriousness of study and cloudy days. His vlog is full of jokes and humour, and really captures today’s university student lifestyle in a unique and memorable way.

3 Grace Beverly – fitness, lifestyle & fashion student blog

Grace Beverley Student Lifestyle Blogger

When it comes to fashion student blogs, Oxford University student Grace airs her student life on her student lifestyle and fitness blog. Grace creates student vlogging, with a flavour of exercising and hustling her way through university. She is heavily into beauty and even promotes her plant based lifestyle, but is an incredible insight into the ME generation X, the values they hold, and the expectations they have of life!

4 Derin Adetosoye – university, lifestyle and revision blog

Derin Adetosoya student lifestyle vlog

London based Derin shares her student life through her vlog ‘Derin Adetosoye‘. On her channel you will experience a mix of educational and student lifestyle vlog content including: University Vlogs, Hauls, Vlogs, Girl Talk, travelling and more.

5 Luke Birch – comedy and education student lifestyle blog

Luke Birch Student Lifestyle Blog

Luke Birch is smashing his way into our top ten with his comedy and student lifestyle education blog.  His comedic approach to life experiences as a student and even in schools are a hilarious and light hearted, with lots of thought to take away on what students think and what they are really interested in.

6 Student vlogs – Dylan

Student vlogs - dylan

Meet Dylan, the economics and finance student lifestyle blogger from the University of York. He runs one of the best student blog sites in the UK and gives a true insight into gap years studying abroad as you follow Dylan to Sydney, Australia. Dylan covers lots of student ground….student life, being a young adult, living in student digs and life hacks to survive your uni years.

7 Emma Angeline – literature student and lifestyle vlogger

Emma Angeline Student Lifestyle Vlogger

Self branded ‘sarcastic’ Emma Angeline takes you into her world as a literature and film making student based in London in her bi-weekly student lifestyle vlog. She talks graduation, new beginnings and dissertation tips in her quirky and varied vlog.

8 Eve Cornwall – Student lifestyle and uni blog

Eve Cornwall Student Lifestyle Blogger

Bristol based law student Eve Cornwall shares her troubles as she drags her heels through thick study to graduate as a lawyer. Her student vlog covers exams, tiredness, study, living with students and more in her upbeat and energetic student blog.

9 Love and London student lifestyle uni vlog

Love and london student lifestyle vlog

Follow London based international UK student vlogger ‘Love and London’ as she discovers the city, settles abroad and teaches other international students to experience study in the UK and live like a local in the UK’s capital.

10 DoYouKnowEllie – international student lifestyle in the UK

Do you know ellie the international student lifestyle vlogger

Italian born Ellie studies in London. Follow her British student minds blog as she encounters London from an international perspective and has a lot of fun along the way. She has a mix of upbeat and more serious vlogs discussing student life, mental health, travel and cross culture.

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