TLJ’s technological solution to an age-old problem

TLJ Security Systems? innovative solution is both simple and convenient for all involved

For years, student accommodation operators up and down country have faced the recurrent problem of lost keys. Whether they are electronic keycards, fobs or traditional metal keys, lost access tokens present difficulties for operators. Not only is there the inconvenience and cost of supplying new keys, but also the possible ramifications of compromised security.  The students themselves are equally inconvenienced, of course, being denied access to their accommodation.

TLJ Security Systems’ innovative solution is both simple and convenient for all involved. Called ‘Mobile Keys’, the student’s smartphone replaces all physical keys. Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, TLJ’s bespoke app sends a specially encrypted ‘key’ to the lock, allowing the student access to their residence, bedroom and any other door to which they have been granted access by simply tapping their phone’s screen.

Millennials are serial users of smartphone technology, making this solution a perfect fit for the university education sector. Lost or broken keys are a thing of the past, with all access credentials now being digital. As ever with TLJ, there is a fall-back position if the student loses their phone or its battery is drained: the locks can still be opened with a ‘traditional’ keycard or metal key, should the worst happen.

How does it work?

1.    The student downloads TLJ’s app (Android or iOS) and registers with a valid email address.

2.    Using TLJ’s lock management software, the operator generates a secure key with access to specific doors (main entrance, corridor, bedroom etc).

3.    The key is encrypted and stored securely in cloud.

4.    The student sees the key appear in their app, simply selects it and taps ‘Unlock’ when at the door. Their phone seamlessly pairs with the lock, giving quick, easy and secure access to their room.


To enquire about TLJ Mobile Keys, call 01482 830334, email or visit

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