The secret ingredient to enhancing video on campus

Exterity’s CEO Colin Farquhar explains why the benefits of integrating video and digital signage cannot be underestimated

From offering next generation learning material to creating a home away from home, video is a key player in the higher education orchestra. With the proliferation of connected devices and ubiquitous access to broadband and mobile Internet, campuses are undeniably moulding into dynamic learning environments full of rich media content that can maximise learning and enhance the student experience. Central to facilitating collaboration, accommodating different learning styles and increasing engagement among students, the use of video technologies on university campuses is poised to continue accelerating rapidly.

Looking back on ways that video would change universities in 2016, there is an understated but crucial element of the higher learning puzzle that further strengthens the value and power of video: digital signage. It provides a vital opportunity for universities to widely share key communications with everyone on campus – from news updates to timetables, digital menu boards, social responsibility messaging, event information, emergency announcements and wayfinding. Coupled with the integration of live TV channels and video on demand, digital signage can have a positive impact when suitably placed and regularly updated with content that is clear, concise, relevant and engaging. Today’s tech-savvy students have nothing short of high expectations for seamless access to high-quality content. Universities have a responsibility to deliver this, and digital signage is the latest example of an investment worth considering.

More and more universities in the UK are embracing this powerful combination of video and digital signage and are leveraging it successfully to cater to the needs of its students from the moment they first set foot onto campus until graduation:

  • Live TV channels, college corporate and news channels with corresponding relevant information can be delivered to any number of displays in reception areas, classrooms, hallways and student accommodation
  • Graduation ceremonies, sporting events and productions can be live-streamed across campus and remotely, regardless of network and location
  • Emergency information, updates and wayfinding can be broadcast in the event of an incident like fire testing or evacuation notices
  • Course-related announcements like guest lectures, change in classroom location as well as tutorial and exam information can be shared across campus
  • Libraries can display reading lists or the addition of new books, and promote training and study skill sessions with the ability to manage and update the content in live time
  • International students and language learning students can access foreign language TV channels and content

The potential of this scalable and flexible integrated technology is budding, providing an easy-to-use platform that interacts effectively and efficiently with students, faculty, staff and visitors to deliver the right content and messages at the right time. The technology is here and the timing is right for universities to synchronise their digital communities with digital signage.

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