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Campuslife and Occam have teamed up to form a brand new partnership to benefit the students of the future

Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, even C3PO and R2-D2. What are all of these? They’re all shining examples of fantastic partnerships that worked. Partnerships that maximised each other’s expertise in order to create something bigger and better. 

They all had one thing in mind – working together to enhance the experience of the end user. So, when Student Welcome from Campuslife and Occam teamed up, that’s exactly what they had in mind too… the students.

Leading student communications company Campuslife are renowned in the sector for helping universities engage with their students and communicate with them in a way in which the student themselves can relate to, whilst Occam’s product ‘Room Service’ leads the pack for student accommodation management software. 

The student experience

Both Campuslife and Occam understand that going to university can be a very exciting, albeit daunting, experience for a student. There’s a lot to think about: new places to get used to, new friends to make, how long can I make my loan last? The last thing they want to be faced with when they arrive at their university accommodation is to be told they must complete endless online questionnaires about fire safety and being told about things they can or cannot do throughout their stay. Unfortunately, as we know, this happens, because it has to. It’s all critical information they need to know, but it doesn’t have to be delivered that way.

The platform has been created in order to deliver everything the student could possibly need to know before even setting foot on campus – with the student at the very heart of how it works. They want to feel at home, and that’s exactly what they get. 

Campuslife’s latest platform, Student Welcome, addresses the way in which we think about managing a student’s pre-arrival experience. Now, working together, Occam and Campuslife have formed a partnership that allows the Student Welcome to be seamlessly aligned into Occam’s Room Service. 

From a customer perspective, using the partnership makes life a lot easier. All the hard work is already done, from the minute the student applies for their accommodation, to the moment they leave, it’s all taken care of. The two best-in-class systems work seamlessly together to provide a unique solution.

What’s more, all of the content a student sees during the pre-arrival period is delivered in a way that is engaging and appealing to them, meaning they want to complete it. How is this done? Quite simply through the team at Campuslife, who work with students every single day.

Student experience is all important in today’s universities

For Campuslife’s Managing Director, Simon Horniblow, the partnership was, “the perfect combination of two like-minded businesses working together to enhance the student experience whilst at the same time making things as easy and straightforward as possible for the university.” 

“The partnership with the Student Welcome has really come about quite naturally,” adds Occam’s Managing Director, David Wilkes. “The two simply go hand-in-hand. We’re extremely proud of what we do, and being able to offer Student Welcome as part of the overall service only reinforces our belief that the student’s best interests are at the heart of what we do.”

Here’s where the clever, technical bits come in… working side by side, the teams at Campuslife and Occam have created a direct link between the two platforms. This has huge benefits for customers and the student users alike. From a customer perspective it means that you don’t have to manage two separate systems. Further still, it ensures that all your valuable data is stored exactly where you need it. Looking at it from a student’s point of view the integration of the platform has created a seamless and coherent pre-arrival journey for them. 

It saves duplication of information and effort and avoids confusing them with different systems.

Boosting partnerships

“We’re really positive about our partnerships,” comments Tom White, Marketing Director at Campuslife. “We know there’s loads of good things happening in the sector and that, by working together like this, we can deliver the best value for our mutual customers.”

There’s no doubt that partnerships can be extremely powerful, working together to bring out the best in one another. Look at some of the most powerful partnerships of our time; salt and vinegar, gin and tonic, even Tango and Cash. These partnerships do demonstrate, on some level, that when two things work together well it can be a hugely positive and innovative step forward. In the case of Student Welcome and Occam, it’s a clear message to the sector that two forward-thinking companies are able to get the best out of each other in order to enhance a student’s experience whilst making life as easy as possible for the university itself. Will the partnership go down in the history books? Only time will tell. 

Both Campuslife and Occam will be exhibiting at this year’s ASRA Conference in Belfast. Come see how this partnership can revolutionise the way you look after your pre-arrival process. 

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