Success for Unite Foundation scholarship scheme

The Unite Foundation’s Annual Review highlights the charity’s increasing scale of support to UK HE

The Unite Foundation has published its Annual Review which highlights the increasing scale of support this unique charity provided to students in 2015 and reflects how the year was a defining one for the Foundation and its scholars. The Unite Foundation works in close partnership with 10 universities and through its Scholarship Scheme provides access to higher education for 117 students.

2015 saw four scholars from the initial Scholarship cohort graduate and move on to the next stage of their journey. These students as well as the vast majority of Unite Foundation scholars have been in the care of local authorities or have no contact with their family. The Unite Foundation recognises the challenging circumstances of each of its scholars and aims to improve their access to and success in higher education. 

We strongly believe all young people with the potential to benefit from university should have the chance to go, regardless of their means

For some young people – especially those who have no family network to support them or who are care leavers – university can seem unattainable. Only 6% of care leavers will go to university by the age of 19, compared with 33% of all young people. That is why, in 2012, the Unite Foundation was established to tackle this inequality. 

In 2015 the Foundation supported 117 university students across the UK through free university accommodation and an annual allowance of £3,000 or £4,000 in London. The Unite Foundation is unique in its field and is growing every year thanks to the commitment and support of its university and corporate partners, especially the £8.5 million committed by Unite Students, the UK’s leading manager and developer of student accommodation. 

Jenny Shaw, Chair of the Unite Foundation, commented: “We are delighted and proud that our first scholars have graduated and now have a solid educational foundation to build a career on. We strongly believe all young people with the potential to benefit from university should have the chance to go, regardless of their means.

“During 2015 100% of the Unite Foundation scholars surveyed agreed that ‘without the scholarship I would have been worried about money whilst at university’. Our scholar numbers will increase in the coming years, giving this opportunity to even more young people.”

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