Students say IT is vital

New research from VMware has highlighted the vital impact students believe technology has on their university lives and future careers

The study found that 84% of UK students believe access to technology, such as online collaboration tools, can improve their academic success, with 34% said they would be willing to pay increased tuition fees for better IT services at their university.

The study, conducted across 1,000 university students in England and Wales, showed that 43% now take IT into consideration when choosing which institution they attend, and 79% believe access to improved technology, such as on-campus Wi-Fi and the ability to connect remotely to lectures online with mobile devices could help them work more efficiently.

A massive 92% believe the ability to study in a more flexible way can enhance their experience, and 83% think the IT skills they learn at university will prepare them well for the workplace. 

However, as these results show, there exists a real dissatisfaction among a big proportion of the student population about the IT currently available. More than half (54%) of respondents believe their university needs to invest more in IT, and 26% don’t feel the technology provided by their university meets the level they expect for the tuition fees they are paying.

“Today’s teenagers and young adults have grown up with technology engrained in their everyday lives, and see no reason why their experiences at a university shouldn’t be the same,” said Cliff Keast, Head of UK Public Services, VMware.

“They want to use personal devices to access course information from anywhere, anytime and have an expectation that the university’s IT will work well.

“As this research shows, many universities still have a long way to go before they meet students’ expectations. It’s not just about equipping them with the latest tablets, it’s about providing the infrastructure and services which offer the best possible environment for learning, enabling students to study and collaborate in a way that empowers them to achieve the results they need to stand out in today’s competitive job market.”

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