Student accommodation: moving online

Are you adapting in the ever-changing student property market?

The landscape of student accommodation is almost unrecognisable from a decade ago.

The influx of international students has brought challenges, and technology has risen to the occasion as the solution.

It’s hard enough moving new students from other cities, collecting deposits and signed agreements; doing this with a student from China would be almost impossible.

The internet has made it easier to communicate and prevent unwanted surprises when the pre move-in processes can be done online.

Once tenants have moved in the online portal can continue to make both your and their life easier, as repairs can be logged at their convenience.

With students having 365/24/7 dialogue, they are more likely to report any issues before they escalate.

Time and resources saved by using the latest technology allow efforts to be invested in other areas such as customer service or offering more, in terms of amenities.

With the increase in fees, students are looking to save money.

If you can provide more for your money then you will have the most popular portfolio in town!

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