Student accommodation: little things make a big difference

At Liberty Plaza, one of the most popular benefits now being offered is the Bringme Box

In total, 678 students occupy 617 apartments in accommodation at Liberty Plaza, one of the many sites run by student accommodation provider Liberty Living.

The accommodation offered is of a high standard, but one of the most popular benefits now being offered is the Bringme Box. The Bringme Box provides an effortless way of receiving online shopping at a campus site or accommodation block for collection when it suits the recipient. The versatility of the Bringme Box means that it can be housed in a variety of spaces allowing the courier or postman to deliver to the box and the recipient informed in real time through the Bringme App that their parcel has been delivered.

There’s a clear audit trail from when the courier drops off the item to the moment the recipient collects it, using a unique QR code to open or close the box, ensuring that parcels never go missing. Sensors in the box automatically detect when there is something inside it and when it is removed. By this mode of action, the Bringme Box receives and signs for delivery remotely, so it’s quick and easy for couriers and postmen.

“Bringme have been an absolute boon to all of us here at Liberty Plaza,” said Ashleigh Fawcett, General Manager at the site, “both for the students as well as the staff on the reception desk. Now, our staff don’t spend half their time logging and dispensing the endless stream of parcels that arrive every day of the week, and can actually get on with doing more for our student residents.”

Ashleigh has become such a huge fan of Bringme she acknowledged that with over 1,699 deliveries in the last month, the Bringme Box has provided a more efficient way for students to collect their parcels. Coupled with the diversity of their lifestyles, students can collect their items even in the middle of the night, which many indeed do! 

Liberty Plaza has a large variety of residents (primarily international) who attend some 43 different universities, colleges and schools across London. Irrespective of what they are studying, they all have one thing in common, and that is that they are tech savvy and do an enormous amount of online shopping… and of course they also get lots of parcels from home.  

“What is so great is that the Bringme Boxes can be accessed by any courier,” Ashleigh continues, “and we know the parcel is secure in its box until it’s collected. It takes about five minutes or less for any new resident to understand how the boxes work and download the Bringme App, and as soon as they’ve used it once, they’re hooked. We even have the new key fobs for them to use so they don’t have to bother with their phones to access the boxes. It’s all so simple. They love it.”  

Bringme Boxes are popular with students and parents alike, with students being able to leave items for their friends to pick up whenever it’s convenient, and parents knowing that items sent won’t get lost in transit or arrival. 

“The system has been a real plus as part of the Liberty Plaza offering when people are choosing their accommodation.  The boxes here have been so successful, we’ve asked for more.”

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