Strathclyde Uni launches JUMP pilot

Its aim is to boost wellbeing and improve sustainability

The University of Strathclyde has become the first university in Scotland to launch the JUMP sustainability and wellbeing behavioural change programme. The programme launched as a five month pilot to an initial 250 employees.

Spela Raposa, Environmental Officer at the University, said: “Every new year there is a spike in positive health, wellbeing and environmentally sustainable activities, like exercising more and cycling to work. We’re really looking forward to seeing how the JUMP programme will engage staff beyond the initial excitement of the new year period and encourage them to keep up their positive actions. We’ve got our Wellbeing Week coming up in March and lots of other sustainability events, which we are really keen to raise awareness of through the JUMP platform. We can’t wait to see the impact JUMP will have here at the University.”

“JUMP has so far recorded over 1 million positive actions and achieved an average energy reduction of 8%.”

The programme is operated by specialist reward scheme provider Green Rewards. It will reward employees for taking up activities to boost their wellbeing and that are environmentally friendly, such as walking or cycling to work and taking steps to save energy in the office.

JUMP is an app- and web-based programme that incentivises employees to take positive actions through rewards and gamification. When colleagues sign up to the programme they are able to earn ‘Green Points’ for reporting their weekly activity online or via the app, with monthly prizes for top points earners. Members also compete in teams against their colleagues, with the highest earning team able to donate £130 to their chosen charity at the end of the pilot.

A communications campaign runs alongside the online platform to feedback achievements to members, such as how many sustainable miles they have travelled and how much energy they have saved. This carrot approach, rather than the stick, encourages employees to sustain any behavioural change they make.

JUMP has so far recorded over 1 million positive actions and achieved an average energy reduction of 8%, and an average of 307,590 km travelled sustainably across client programmes to date.

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