Seamless unification

Andy Makeham, MD of Compass Computer Consultants, tells us about ProUnify, the missing piece in the education technology software puzzle

What are the main priorities with an FE college’s ERP system?

An FE college ERP system integrates key data streams within the organisation (student records, finance, HR and payroll), reducing the complexity of information management. It enables staff to streamline processes whilst improving communication and transparency, resulting in significant cost savings and increased efficiencies. This reduction in data entry frees up staff time allowing them to focus on more value-adding activities.

ProUnify is being launched in the spring, can you tell us more about it?

ProUnify will deliver seamless unification of student records, finance, payroll and HR systems in one integrated modular solution. It’s an efficient solution that will save colleges time, money and effort. Data entry is dramatically reduced as ProUnify integrates these key systems with a single point of entry. For many colleges ProUnify is the missing piece in the education technology software puzzle, delivering savings, transparency and increased efficiency. 

How has the FE sector evolved over the last 12 months?

As funding cuts continue, colleges are increasingly seeing the need to become more commercial. ProUnify will be the most complete, fully integrated business system available to the FE sector, and will play an essential role in enabling organisations to streamline processes while saving significant money and time. 

Are you planning to work with more FE colleges this year? Is there potential to expand into HE? 

Compass software is already used by 341 out of 350 colleges across England, and an increasing number of councils and private training providers are selecting Compass as their partner of choice. We have a growing suite of 12 products for use within the sector and are continuing to work very closely with our customers, through user groups and steering groups, to ensure that our products are continuously developed to meet their changing needs. We are working with a steering group of colleges to develop ProUnify and are also seeking early adopters for the solution. Following our success in the FE sector, we are excited to continue growing with our customers in the sector and are always looking for opportunities to expand into new markets. We are also working with the wider Advanced Computer Software Group to bring in exciting new enhancements to our software, such as mobile technology and cloud solutions.

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29 October 2020 11am (GMT)

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