Scaling your operations to convert more offer holders

By Rachel Fletcher, UniQuest

Increased competition at home and from overseas has driven offer holder engagement from a nice-to-do activity to a must-do strategy. In a recent analysis for one of our clients, we found that when offer holders were successfully engaged, i.e. they directly communicated with UniQuest Enrolment Advisers working on the university’s behalf, 70% committed to a firm acceptance. This represents an enormous opportunity for universities to meet their enrolment goals by doubling down on activities, like personal and responsive communications, that successfully reach offer holders.

But, universities are managing a growing population of prospective students while feeling pressure on budgets and resources. Crafting and deploying personal communications for every offer holder is often out of reach under existing time and resource constraints at universities. So, how can universities scale their operations to effectively engage offer holders towards conversion?

The University of Roehampton’s approach

To quickly and cost-efficiently scale its conversion efforts among home undergraduate offer holders, the University of Roehampton partnered with UniQuest to fully deliver its on-campus Offer Holder Day recruitment and follow-up communication. Working together, UniQuest and Roehampton achieved a 48% year-on-year increase in attendance at its offer holder events and a 30% year-on-year increase in firm acceptances.

Through this partnership and reaping the benefits of outsourcing to UniQuest, Roehampton was immediately equipped with the technology and staff needed to proactively engage with its roughly 6,000 offer holders in a personalised manner, so that every student received the right message at the right time.

How did it work?

UniQuest assembled an expert team of Enrolment Advisers including three Roehampton Student Ambassadors. The team personally contacted the University of Roehampton’s 6,000 offer holders to invite and register students in the moment for Roehampton Offer Holder Days. With first-hand student experience, UniQuest’s Roehampton team was able to anticipate offer holder needs to quickly provide the most relevant support.

To maximise reach, the team scheduled calls for the prime windows of student availability. This proactive, strategic and expertly-led outreach drove registration for Offer Holder Days by building a relationship with students and streamlining their registration process.

Enabled by UniQuest’s custom platform that tracks and neatly reports student data across the full recruitment journey, Enrolment Advisers ensured every student received follow-up communications pertinent to their offer status and engagement with the University up to that time. 

Informed by intelligence they had sourced and logged from their engagements, Enrolment Advisers carried the momentum from Roehampton’s successful Offer Holder Days to nurture interest to enrolment.

The team also targeted those who had registered for Offer Holder Days but did not attend. During conversations with no-shows, Enrolment Advisers tracked the reasons for missing the event and nudged those students toward the most appropriate substitute.

All data collected across the recruitment and post-event engagement process was shared regularly with the Roehampton team for future planning.

Is this the right kind of partnership for you?

If your teams are struggling to personally, regularly and proactively engage all of your offer holders as they balance other strategic priorities against limited resources, then it’s certainly worth exploring how a partnership with UniQuest can help you achieve your goals. The high impact of these efforts on conversion and the student experience pre-enrolment, make it an area that’s too important to let slip through the cracks.

Rachel Fletcher is Co-founder and Managing Director at UniQuest. See more insights from our student conversion work. 

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