Salford Students’ Union apologises for 90s gay expulsion

After banning an LGBT group in 1993, the SU has apologised to the students and offered them a lifetime membership

Salford University Students’ Union (SU) has apologised for banning an LGBT society more than 25 years ago.

In 1993, The University of Salford’s LGBTQ+ society was disbanded, and its committee members expelled from the students’ union after it distributed a Pink Guide to students.

The guide was created by the Pink Collective, a group including students from University of Salford, University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University, and aimed to educate students on LGBT life in Greater Manchester, Aids, sexual health and safety.

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Although written using information and images from the government’s own health information, SU officials declared the guide offensive and banned its distribution and expelled the students involved.

The SU invited two former students back to the university for an event and to create a short film on the Pink Guide. The union, feeling the actions of their predecessors discriminatory, apologised to the students and offered them a lifetime membership.

Former Pink Collective Jeff Evans said: “It is a shameful period in the past of the Students’ Union, and I am so pleased that the organisation has had the maturity to put their hand up and say, ‘this was wrong, and we want to try and make it right’.”

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