Prince Harry backs mental health project

Prince Harry helps launch a campaign to end the stigma surrounding mental health

Prince Harry tried his hand at a University of Brighton-led research project as he helped launch a campaign to end the stigma surrounding mental health, earlier this week.  

On Monday, the prince and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were at London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for the inaugural event which brought together leading mental health charities to encourage people to speak openly about their issues and to seek help.

Heads Together is the biggest project they have undertaken together, and will see them working in partnership with a number of charities, including YoungMinds, CALM and Mind. 

Prince Harry tried the ‘Resilience Tower’, created as part of a research project on applying resilient therapy led by Professor Angie Hart, Professor of Child, Family and Community Health. 

The tower, on the YoungMinds stand, was developed by Professor Hart and collaborators at ‘boingboing’, which works with children, young people, families and adults exposed to social disadvantage and inequalities, and the University of Brighton as part of their work on Resilient Therapy. The tower was created by Tadgh Crozier, a resilience practitioner who is part of boingboing and is implementing resilience-based practice ideas. It is one of a number of games developed by the group to support children’s resilience. 

Professor Hart said: “This game helps us think about and chat through the things in life that we need to help us when things get tough. We call this ‘resilience’. Resilience includes being able to bounce forward after something difficult has happened, or when life is generally tough. We all need things in place to help us do that.” 

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