Prevention is better than cure!

The benefits of access control maintenance

You’ve got your brand new security solution in place, CCTV, access control, fire solution, the lot and you’re ready to leave it to do its job, keeping your people and buildings safe and sound. However, over time, elements may need repairing or upgrading as no technical solution is ever totally infallible. How vulnerable would your organisation be in the event of a systems failure, and what plans do you have in place for these times?

The maintenance of your solution is a must. It offers cover for when the unexpected happens and prevents the unexpected from happening! Preventative maintenance of both your hardware and software helps to resolve smaller issues before they arise and become bigger problems, this of course, saves money in the long term and makes sure your staff and buildings are always kept safe.

Regular checks essential

Just think about it, a CCTV camera that is broken or camera management software that is not running the most up-to-date version is not going to help you if a crime or incident takes place. If your system is checked regularly and issues fixed quickly you will not have to worry about such things happening. Do you remember when you last maintained your security solutions? Remember, prevention is better than cure!

If your security solution has let you down due to poor maintenance, your insurers could be justified in not paying out your claim

It is also very important that you are compliant with the terms of your insurance. If an incident happens, such theft or criminal damage to premises/equipment, you may need to make a claim on your policy, but if your security solution has let you down due to poor maintenance, your insurers could be justified in not paying out your claim, leaving you to find another way to replace what was taken or repair damage.

Fire regulation compliance

The non-maintenance of your security solutions can also affect your fire regulation compliance as well as health and safety legislation. Imagine if a fire was to break out and your emergency exit system didn’t activate the door release? You have a huge responsibility to keep your people safe, so making sure your systems are maintained is vital. The risk of situations such as these becoming a reality are all minimised by carrying out regular checks and maintaining your systems. A regular preventative maintenance schedule will also increase the life expectancy of your solutions, which makes good financial sense.

AIT offer maintenance agreements on new SALTO installations or existing SALTO systems, even if they were not installed by us. Our engineers are highly qualified and are equipped to service and maintain your access control, door entry or CCTV systems. And when it comes to software issues or upgrades, our technical team can often help you remotely, which means you don’t always need to wait for an engineer to come to site.

If you are looking for peace of mind and want to preserve the life of your security system, give us a call on 01132 273 0300 or email our solutions team at We are here to help at every step.

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