Premium drinking water, sustainable and cost effective

Through installing BRITA Vivreau’s Table Water Bottling System and ViTaps, the University of Leicester stands apart from other conference venues

The University of Leicester, located in the heart of the UK, is a leading educational institution committed to international excellence, world-changing research and high quality, inspirational teaching.

Like other universities, it offers conference and hospitality facilities, which comprise an important revenue stream. This is a competitive market, so attracting and retaining event organiser clients can be challenging. Ensuring services provided are of the highest quality is essential. 

In view of this, the University of Leicester sought a system to provide premium filtered drinking water, chilled and still. It needed to be hygienic, cost efficient and environmentally friendly to comply with the university’s sustainability policy.

After consulting BRITA Vivreau, the university installed the mains-fed Table Water Bottling System and three ViTap self-serving counter units. This is a story of customer satisfaction inspiring brand loyalty.


Premium drinking water system
– Dispenses unlimited quantities of purified, filtered chilled and still premium drinking water instantly.

Environmentally friendly and cost effective
– Efficient water consumption, reduced packaging waste and carbon emissions. Complies with university sustainability policy and achieves significant cost savings.

– Highest levels of hygiene, impressing guests and adding to the premium factor.

The solution

The University of Leicester originally installed BRITA Vivreau’s Table Water Bottling System on its main campus. It provides instant filtered chilled and still premium drinking water to hospitality areas served in reusable branded Designer glass bottles, of which BRITA Vivreau supplied 200.

The university also opted for BRITA Vivreau’s Heat Seal System. Quick and easy to use, it hygienically seals the bottles with plastic caps, assuring visitors that the water contained within is as pure and clean as when the bottles were filled.

The Table Water Bottling System proved so successful that the university soon purchased another unit plus 100 extra bottles for Stamford Court, its premier conference centre that boasts eight meeting rooms and can accommodate nearly 300 delegates.

Such was the university’s satisfaction with BRITA Vivreau’s systems, that when they were looking at options for self-service drinking water, they chose to install three mains-fed ViTap units in Stamford Court and the Attenborough Café – a contemporary café bar for students. Sleek and professional-looking with touch sensor controls, the award-winning ViTaps offer chilled still and sparkling purified drinking water. They also have removable dispense nozzles for improved hygiene.

The Attenborough Café’s ViTap also has an ‘Equality Access Pad’, positioned at a convenient height for wheelchair users that allows them to operate it independently.

Clive Williams, Director of Operations for the Leicester Services Partnership, which runs the university’s catering and conference facilities, says: “The University of Leicester prides itself on the quality of its conference facilities. We attract and retain clients by maintaining impeccably high standards across all our services, so finding a system that would provide premium drinking water on tap was a top priority.

“After BRITA Vivreau installed the first Table Water Bottling System it was obvious that we had found both a partner and a product we could trust, so we purchased an additional unit and three ViTaps. All provide drinking water that looks and tastes fantastic. They have a professional appearance and are easy for our staff, visitors and students to use. 

“The University of Leicester takes responsibility for environmental protection through its sustainability policy. It aims to contribute to the national commitment to sustainable development and HEFCE’s sector-based carbon reduction targets. Part of this is managing and reducing water consumption, packaging waste and carbon emissions.

“BRITA Vivreau’s Table Water Bottling System and ViTaps dispense water only when needed and with the use of reusable bottles, eliminates the need for pre-bottled water. This reduces the number of plastic bottles we throw away or recycle, as well as the costs and carbon emissions associated with transporting and storing them. We pass these savings on to our conference clients to give them even more value for money.

“The systems also offer complete peace of mind, with full service and maintenance available together with options to rent or buy.”

The results

Through installing BRITA Vivreau’s Table Water Bottling System and ViTaps, the University of Leicester stands apart from other conference venues in the area as one that offers premium drinking water sustainably, while providing excellent value for money.

The University of Leicester incorporates premium drinking water into packages sold to event organisers. Clive expects the BRITA Vivreau drinking water systems to recoup their costs over a short time period, making them a valuable investment.

“Event organisers and attendees are increasingly demanding premium services delivered in an environmentally friendly and economic way. It is an important, growing trend in the conference industry and one that venues need to embrace. By partnering with companies such as BRITA Vivreau they can remain competitive and improve their client offer.”
Clive Williams, Director of Operations for the Leicester Services Partnership


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