Plymouth College of Art welcomes new lecturer

Dr Helen Billinghurst is a filmmaker, painter and performance artist

Plymouth College of Art has welcomed a new lecturer.

Dr Helen Billinghurst will lecture on the institution’s BA (Hons) painting, drawing and printmaking course.

The filmmaker, painter and performance artist recently completed her doctoral thesis at the University of Plymouth, exploring ‘the intersection between painting, drawing and aesthetic walking’.

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“My process as an artist engages with the wider fields of contemporary drawing and painting,” said Dr Billinghurst, “looking at the relationship between the outside world and the art that we create.

“But I’m also very much still a technical painter, excited to come back to the studio at Plymouth College of Art and share these traditional painting skills with students.

“I came to academia later in life over a slow period of study, which has helped me to know that it can take a long time to find your voice as an artist. If you’re a painter today, you might also be working in photography, poetry or social practice.

“I hope that my own experiences, particularly thinking about how painting fits into a contemporary context – rather than just being a landscape painting to sell in a gallery – will help students at Plymouth College of Art to better understand their own creative practices and the options that are available to them.”

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