NSS: students satisfied with courses

National Student Survey 2017 results show high levels of student satisfaction and engagement

The National Student Survey (NSS) found 84% of the 304,000 final-year students at 530 institutions who took part were content with their degree courses. 

This year’s National Student Survey (NSS) gives fresh insights into student engagement, with new questions on the learning community, learning opportunities and the student voice. The survey was revised in consultation with UK universities and colleges and their students. Its new and updated questions gather evidence that has not previously been available nationally.

The NSS continues to be the largest and most authoritative survey of its kind in the UK

The poll, published by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) found student satisfaction with teaching was high, with 85% of UK students agreed that teaching staff were good at explaining things and made their subjects interesting and that they were intellectually stimulated and challenged.

It also found 84% of students agreed that they were provided with learning opportunities such as exploring ideas in depth and applying what they had learnt. 

Some 77% agreed that they felt part of a learning community and had the right opportunities to work with other students. While assessment and feedback were considered to be good by 73% of final-year students. 

“The NSS continues to be the largest and most authoritative survey of its kind in the UK,” said Professor Madeleine Atkins, HEFCE Chief Executive.

“The 2017 results show that students provide particularly positive feedback on the quality of teaching and on learning opportunities. Institutions will also, however, be considering carefully how they can continue to improve assessment and feedback, and their broader engagement with students.”


29 October 2020 11am (GMT)

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