Multi-purpose learning

The University of Manchester creates multi-purpose learning spaces throughout 24 study rooms with Casio UST projectors

The University of Manchester revolutionised the display solutions throughout 24 study rooms to create four times the screen estate with an industry-leading low total cost of ownership. Working with Universal AV, a unified technology solution was provided that allowed for the rooms to transform for a variety of uses with the Casio Projectors Ultra Short Throw (UST) model. 

The spaces are shared by the Faculty of Life Sciences and the Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences and are required to become a variety of learning environments at a moment’s notice, from tutorials and collaboration work spaces to boutique presentation suites. The incredibly high teaching standards at the University of Manchester mean that technology solutions need to be reliable and consistent to meet expectations. 

The long rectangular design of the room had received complaints from students and staff not being able to clearly see the previously-installed 42” screen, indicating that a larger solution was needed. High quality visuals, a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) concept, minimal maintenance and downtime, no start up delays and a long lifespan were all considered essential traits for the solution.

Universal AV specified the Casio UST as it is designed to work in close proximity conditions, with the ability to create an 80” image from a distance of just 27cm. This was ideal for the study rooms, ensuring that the solution would operate effectively in the small space. 

As with all Casio projectors, the UST uses Laser & LED Hybrid light source technology, rather than traditional lamp-based products. This boasts significantly reduced power consumption, saving 35% compared to standard LCD projectors of similar spec, without compromising on the output quality to further add to its green credentials. 

With no lamps or filters to change, the product is extremely low maintenance and doesn’t have any downtime for changing parts, making them a great investment. It also keeps waiting time to a minimum as the projectors have no warm up or cool down period, ensuring sessions start promptly to maximise learning time.

Alongside the maintenance benefits, the Casio UST also contributes to the establishment’s wider social responsibility goals. Completely lamp-free, the UST removes hazardous substances such as Mercury from the presentation environment. 

The reduced power consumption and more efficient design of the projector contribute to an increased life expectancy, resulting in an industry-leading total cost of ownership.

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