Make the change: from paper to energy-efficient hand dryers

Sponsored: Sustainable hand drying systems can help universities meet carbon reduction targets

Energy saving measures can help organisations to not only save time and money but also achieve their environmental targets.

Climate change is rarely out of the headlines and the subject looks set to stay firmly on the agenda for the media, politicians, and the public. Wherever you live and whatever you do, everyone is touched by topics relating to the sustainability theme.

The washroom is somewhere that energy-saving schemes can easily be put into action. Everyone knows that we have a duty to preserve precious natural resources for the future. Making the change from paper to energy-efficient hand dryers can greatly reduce our carbon footprint.

Airdri is committed to the design and manufacture of sustainable hand-drying solutions. Two of its ADA compliant units are GreenSpec certified in recognition of their low energy consumption. Indeed, Airdri’s new Quantum jet dryer, launched in January 2018, boasts the lowest energy consumption of any hand dryer in the market. Coupled with its unrivalled life expectancy – almost 10 times that of other popular jet dryers – it not only makes a significant contribution to reducing an organisation’s carbon footprint but it also reduces running costs dramatically too. In a high-traffic environment where a dryer might be activated approximately 300 times a day, the new Airdri Quantum costs only £11 per year in electricity running costs.

“The washroom is somewhere that energy-saving schemes can easily be put into action.” 

Caring for the environment is a priority, which is why Airdri’s approach is to ensure it delivers the ultimate in ecologically sound hand dryers which can contribute to achieving carbon reduction targets for companies and organisations across the UK.

Sustainability is no longer a mere buzzword – it’s an essential part of trading, and every organisation that wants to survive and succeed must include it as part of their corporate social responsibility strategy.

Choosing to install hand dryers can help support the environmental and economic aims of schools and colleges. So, if you want to save money, time and energy and do your bit towards saving the planet, opting for energy-efficient hand dryers in the washroom can help.

A further environmental consideration is noise. Airdri is also committed to noise-level reduction in its hand dryer development with four of the six units in its hand dryer portfolio being recognised by the UK Noise Abatement Society for their low sound emissions.

Airdri has tested and reviewed a number of fast-dry hand dryers from a variety of brands and compared sustainable performance against specific criteria including power consumption, noise levels and life expectancy. All these factors have an impact on the carbon footprint of a dryer.

Whichever model you choose, fitting washrooms with energy efficient hand dryers is quite simply the most responsible choice.

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