Maintaining control of print with Nuance

Bath Spa University is enlightened by a simplified and cost-effective print management service delivered by Nuance Imaging Print Solutions


  • To centralise print fleet management across multiple sites
  • To reduce print volumes to save money
  • To introduce a sophisticated and secure print payment model for students and staff


  • To integrate Nuance Equitrac print management
  • To implement Nuance eCopy ShareScan with the INVU Connector for eCopy ShareScan
  • To replace personal printers and reduce support levels


  • Greatly improved and simplified print management
  • Staff encouraged to print less
  • Secure print service enjoyed by students and staff

Many large organisations can relate to the complexities of having an unmanaged print fleet with multiple devices dispersed over a large site. That problem is compounded when an unmanaged print fleet is spread over multiple locations 15 miles apart, as Bath Spa University encountered. Today, the University is using an enterprise-class print and imaging solution, to help it resolve the management complexities of its dispersed printer fleet, gain control of print costs while providing its staff and students with a secure print, document capture and scan facility…wherever they are based.

Bath Spa University was established in 1852, when the Bath School of Art opened. Today, it offers a wide range of courses across the arts, sciences, education, social science and business to 7,000 students and employs 800 staff. An impressive 93% of graduates are in work or further study within six months of graduating.

The University has two main campuses and five smaller teaching sites in Bath and a specialist postgraduate teaching centre in Corsham, Wiltshire.

The former lack of a centralised print management solution and consolidated print fleet created problems. ‘We used to have lots of staff using personal printers, while some departments had a networked printer,’ Dave Hassall, director of computing services at Bath Spa University, explained. ‘This caused issues relating to maintenance calls and support which was partly exacerbated by the University’s multiple locations. Additionally, the University wanted to offer its students and staff a more secure and sophisticated process for paying for and releasing their documents from any device across all the sites.’

With that requirement in mind, the University set out to deploy a fleet of 72 new, more efficient, single-brand multifunction printers (MFPs), with a centralised print management function. It set out clear objectives in its business case for deployment. The primary goal was to encourage staff to print less, to print securely, to make considerable savings by dispensing of expensive-to-run personal printers and implement a central management function that would make running the fleet, effortless.

To validate the move to the new machines, Dave looked to universities that had been in a similar position with their print fleet to see how they had resolved it. He identified one as being the closest in size and print challenge to Bath Spa University. Using its print management success as an example of best practice, Dave identified the MFP manufacturer that he felt offered the best enterprise level capabilities, combined with an easy-to-use, centralised cost accountancy function, in the form of Nuance Equitrac. He explained: ‘It stood out as a coherent and integrated network solution. Also the MFP fleet had been engineered to work just as well on our Apple Macs as they do on our Windows-based PCs. This is an important consideration for us given the Mac’s popularity with creative art students, which means they make up 40% of our computing fleet.’

Maintaining control with Nuance Imaging solutions

The fleet came equipped with Nuance Equitrac – the leading print management solution – and Nuance eCopy ShareScan, which lets users scan documents securely and seamlessly via their multifunctional office systems into business applications that support electronic business processes. The solution provides a consistent, easy-to-use interface across any capture device, promoting user adoption and increasing the value of enterprise hardware and business software investments.
The University now makes good use of ShareScan’s Scan to Folder function, Scan to Me and Scan to Email, ‘…which works very well,’ claims Dave.

eCopy ShareScan’s compatibility with many popular electronic document management systems, meant it integrated easily with the University’s existing INVU system, which is used by its administration department.

The roll-out also coincided with the introduction of a credit card-style print payment system to phase out the cash payment process. The university issued 9,000 cards to students, and the cards also act as a secure authentication system for when students want to collect their documents from any device on any campus. The introduction of the secure print card has paved the way for another smart printing initiative. The university has created a Hot Spot Enterprise print service. Driven by the Bring Your Own Device trend, the service allows wireless pull-printing from a multitude of mobile devices like iPads or other tablet PCs, Smartphones or laptops. Pull-printing safeguards document confidentiality and unauthorised access to print, scan, copy and e-mail functions. In addition to improving document security, it
also reduces print waste and gives students and staff the flexibility to print wherever they are.

A winning combination

Overall, Dave is more than satisfied with the deployment, citing no major installation or deployment issues.

Now the fleet is settled and print policies understood, the University’s staff are now enjoying the centralised print fleet, the new devices and their ease of use and simplified management. Dave illustrates this by stating: ‘Consumables management is now very effective. Even simple things like the right toner always arriving at the right campus at the right time. This has helped reduce the former device management burden, while optimising the print service we deliver to students and staff. Overall, it is so much easier to manage the fleet and save, create or distribute documents electronically. Nuance Imaging Solutions have transformed how we print.’


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