Live panel discussion: is it time for the university lecture to evolve?

What are the most effective ways academics can help students get the most from their studies?

Join a panel of academics from University College London who will be asking whether the time has come for higher education institutions to explore new ways of engaging students in their studies.

Panelists from University College London
• Prof Andrea Townsend-Nicholson, professor of biochemistry and molecular biology
• Prof John Mitchell, professor of communications systems engineering
• Dr Parama Chaudhury, principal teaching fellow, economics and founding director at centre for teaching and learning economics

With the vast educational resource of the internet just a swipe away, it’s no longer knowledge alone that university lecturers have to offer their students.

Success increasingly requires learners to be able to delve deeper into their chosen subjects, engage in open discussion of opposing views, challenge opinions and collaborate openly and passionately with others.

So, should teaching methods evolve to better meet students’ needs? And if so, what are the most effective ways academics can help students get the most from their studies and develop the key skills they need for future success?

University Business is delighted to host this panel discussion in partnership with Echo360 and Dr Perry Samson, Head of Teaching Innovation from the University of Michigan.

Join us at 2pm on Tuesday 9th April 2019 to share your views on

• The challenges and opportunities of exploring new ways of teaching in HE
• Whether students’ understanding of topics should be assessed as they learn
• Breaking down the fear some students have of asking the ‘stupid’ questions
• Using technology to better engage students in what they are learning, no matter the size of the class.

Our audience is encouraged to contribute to the discussion and time will be made available at the end for any questions for the panel. Register to join today

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