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Researchers from Birmingham City University will evaluate the importance of music education as part of a new four-year project

The ‘Exchanging Notes project’, launched by the National Foundation for Youth Music, aims to explore new collaborative approaches to music education in schools for young people at risk. Ten projects from across the UK have been selected, benefiting from award grants totalling £1.2m. Each project will work alongside young people at risk of low attainment, disengagement or educational exclusion, to see how participation in regular music-making activities can enable achievement of musical, educational and wider outcomes.

Some of the selected projects include learn together family music days, instrumental tuition, summer school music workshops and training for teachers and teaching assistants.

Birmingham City University will support the project, and over a four-year period will evaluate the educational, musical and other outcomes of these new models for the pupils involved.

Professor Martin Fautley, Director of the Centre for Research in Education at Birmingham City University said: “This is a significant piece of research, both in terms of music education, and in ways of engaging young people with education, and we at Birmingham City University are very excited about our involvement. Music is a huge part of the lives of young people, and we see our role in helping develop this programme as being highly significant.”

Matt Griffiths, Executive Director at the National Foundation for Youth Music said: “Exchanging Notes is a hugely significant research initiative so we’re delighted to be working closely with Martin and his team from Birmingham City University to assess the musical, social and educational impact the ten partnership projects have on the young people taking part.

“One of our aims is to stimulate reflection amongst the partnerships and create a shared understanding of successful inclusive music practice with young people experiencing additional challenges. The expertise from Birmingham City University will significantly help us to achieve this.”


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