Leicester invests £2m into bioscience

The University of Leicester fosters future biomedical research talent with £2 million investment into postgraduate research

The University of Leicester is making a substantial investment into a critical mass of future biomedical research talent by announcing 27 new PhD studentships that will tackle some of the world’s most pressing and bioscience health issues.

More than £2 million will be put into funding new postgraduate research projects in the University’s College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology, known worldwide for achievements such as the development of DNA fingerprinting, vital advances in fighting heart disease, cancer, respiratory diseases and diabetes, and developments in forensic psychology. 

The College offers a dynamic, modern environment for postgraduate research, built on decades of highly respected achievement. 

To enhance their existing research profile, the College has announced a major initiative offering 27 studentships that will provide a boost to their world class Departments in: 

  • Cancer Studies (2 studentships)
  • Cardiovascular Sciences (5 studentships)
  • Genetics (2 studentships)
  • Health Sciences (5 studentships)
  • Infection, Inflammation and Immunity (3 studentships)
  • Medical Education (1 studentship)
  • Molecular and Cell Biology (3 studentships)
  • Neuroscience, Psychology and Behaviour (2 studentships)
  • The Diabetes Research Centre (2 studentships) 

Two additional interdisciplinary studentships are on offer; one jointly with the College of Social Science, Arts and Humanities and one with the College of Science and Engineering (2 studentships). 

Professor David Lambert, Director Post Graduate Research in the College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology, said: “Postgraduate researchers are a cornerstone of our research strategy and we want to ensure that high quality students continue to be attracted to the College. 

“The projects on offer cover the breadth of the College’s substantial research activity and there is scope for high quality applicants interested in a range of fields to find a place in one of our leading departments.” 

More information on project titles, supervisors and contacts can be found here https://www2.le.ac.uk/colleges/medbiopsych/research/Postgraduate%20Opportunities/college-studentships-2016/college-studentships-2016-further-details

W: le.ac.uk

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