Keystone Talent Bank: Taking university talent online

Sponsored: More unis are using modern tech to overhaul management of casual workers, whilst improving student employability, reporting and compliance

Malcolm Paice, Chief Operating Officer for Keystone Talent Bank, explains the various benefits available to universities who take their talent management online

Over the past few years there has been a steady increase in the number of universities addressing a range of issues with how they manage casual workers on campus – including of course their own students – who are looking to their institution to provide them with work experience during their studies.

By adopting a software-as-a-service approach, universities are able to improve on their handling of casual workers and improve their student employability outcomes.

Going paperless

By moving timesheets for casual workers into an online portal, it is more convenient for the workers, more convenient for their managers approving those timesheets, far more secure, less prone to error, and reduces the risk of workers not being paid on time. Paper timesheets or spreadsheets are exposed to erroneous entries and then the poor hiring manager has to find time to sift through and approve them before the information then has to be input into payroll and financial systems, introducing another layer of manual effort and yet more risk of error.

With solutions such as Keystone’s Talent Bank, students and other workers can simply input their hours online, with clear prompts for accuracy and notifications meaning they never miss a deadline. For managers, multiple timesheets can be approved in a single click, 24/7, anywhere in the world. Integration into payroll systems make uploading the information a single-click exercise.

Securing compliance and control on working hours: There are still two areas of casual worker compliance many universities struggle with; the first is the right to work and managing visa and passport expiration, and the second is restricting working hours effectively – especially for Tier 4 students.

Systems like Talent Bank remove the risk of compliance breaches. For example, when a worker profile is created online, copies of their checked documents are directly attached to their profile, and hard controls on the expiration dates of those documents make it physically impossible for workers to continue past those expiration dates.

Similarly, Talent Bank will aggregate the total number of hours a worker is undertaking across multiple work assignments and prevent them breaching their hourly weekly working hour limit. With automated tools like this the manual work effort and risk of non-compliance is reduced.

Malcolm Paice

Smart technology to boost student employability

More than ever before, universities must now demonstrate tangible initiatives to help students gain work experience and employability skills during their studies. By allowing students to get offered assignments both on campus and externally with business employers, it is easier than ever for a university to encourage that activity and, crucially, to measure its success.

Putting employability services online means you have access to every data point you’d ever need to report on activity. If you wanted to know how many hours of work experience female STEM students did in the past 6 months, that information is at your fingertips.

Low cost and VAT friendly

Historically, many universities have used external recruitment agencies. Recruitment agents will not only charge a handsome fee, but they will also apply VAT to the workers’ gross salary AND their fees. For universities – unable to reclaim VAT – that is an unnecessarily expensive exercise. With an in-house and online talent pool, there is no need for the agency at all, so their fees and the hefty VAT element are no longer around to add cost to the hourly rate of pay.

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