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Sponsored: dormakaba are committed to the development of new tech, creating real advantages for security control and access management in education

dormakaba provide an all-round solution to ensure the safety and security of staff, students and their belongings. dormakaba’s entrance solutions and security doors can be connected to mechanical key systems, door hardware and electronic access control whilst also tracking time and attendance.

The traditional model of having separate mechanical and electrical products is now changing. Hybrid solutions that offer an integrated approach to access can provide an array of benefits when it comes to convenience, efficiency, security and cost. The reality is that today, digital hardware and smartphone access provide an ideal opportunity to improve and enhance security and access.

Buildings within the education sector often require access solutions to allow for multiple users with different access needs. This can then lead to a number of disjointed systems, working in silo and requiring multiple control points.

However, dormakaba’s access and security products provide an ideal solution for the challenges faced by many facilities. dormakaba’s exos system integrates with TASC and SIMS software enabling control and administration of the entire system from one access point, with no data having to be inputted twice. Online monitoring means that the status of the entire system is visible at all times, and provides a full report of activities including who has accessed where and when.

Maintaining control of both online and standalone access control doors, exos ensures the highest level of security and time recording possible. The system can be integrated with online controllers which can be connected to physical doors and offline locks and doors. These include anything from car park barriers to classroom access. It delivers cost-effective, flexible access control on any door, barrier, lift or access point – with a scalable solution.

As well as granting access quickly to new students and staff members, the complete access control system also allows for user profiles to be deleted immediately, removing access from those who leave the institution and ensuring a continued level of security.

By utilising the latest technology, it ensures all online and standalone systems can be integrated which not only provides diversity in levels of security but also ensures that the system can adapt to future technological advancements.

The University of York is a great example of an integrated system in working practice. The University has seen a phased deployment of dormakaba’s online and offline access control, which currently covers the whole of the east campus and nine of the buildings on the west campus.

As well as integrating seamlessly within the access control strategy, a number of the doors also benefit from dormakaba’s leading sliding door operators. The ES 200 Sliding Door Operator, used on a number of main entrances across the University including the Berrick Saul Building, has a five-function programme for Automatic, Partial Open, Exit Only, Permanent Open and Night/Bank operation, further enhancing the access control of the campus.

With an ongoing 5* service contract, the University of York highlights the multiple benefits of specifying a complete dormakaba solution. By utilising the latest technology, it has ensured all online and standalone systems can be integrated which not only provides diversity in levels of security but also ensures that the system can adapt to future technological advancements.

With almost 285 buildings, 18,000 students and 4,000 staff, Geoff Brown, Security Manager at the University of York, believes it’s essential to be able to manage each building and allow users the access they need. “dormakaba is excellent for the university, we can programme the system from a computer in one office, and we can profile each individual from that computer. Previous systems we’ve had, required someone to actually go onsite to individual locks and reprogramme them when a new student or staff member required access.”

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