IDENTify: the Social Identity Lifecycle

How can universities engage with pre-applicants to build lifelong relationships with students? Tom Eggleston explains

Are you looking to engage with pre-applicants earlier and to build strong relationships with students? Most universities are, but many find that their existing IT systems do not help in achieving these aims. For example, Gartner estimates that 62% of people will now abandon an online login or registration process if they are required to fill in a form – this equates to many missed opportunities to capture pre-applicants. Similarly ‘email for life’ initiatives have been found to be ineffective in maintaining relationships with alumni, due to poor take-up of the service.

The key to solving these challenges lies in social identity management – allowing the use of social logins (such as Facebook) to interact with the university at all stages of the user lifecycle.

IDENTify is a social identity management platform built to provide a way for universities to capitalise on the opportunities presented by social networking.

A simple, turnkey solution, IDENTify enables universities to manage the student lifecycle, from pre-applicant to alumni, via social identities, while delivering services to students in the way that they expect to consume resources online, significantly enhancing the student experience. By allowing login via social identities, IDENTify removes friction from transactions and increases pre-applicant capture rates.

With IDENTify, universities can:

✥ Allow pre-applicants to register interest using their social identity (e.g. Facebook login) and provide seamless access to taster course modules.

✥ Allow students to securely access university applications, such as the VLE or library system using social identities, through an online social identity proofing process.

✥ Enable students to link social identities together (e.g. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) to provide multiple social channels for enhanced communication with Alumni.

ProofID runs regular webinars demonstrating IDENTify. To register interest in attending a webinar, please email 

To download a white paper describing the benefits of IDENTify in Academia and to watch a video of IDENTify in action, please visit:!ub-identify-white-paper-form/c7ob 

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