HE teaching standards ‘˜poor’

A fifth of students (19.6%) feel that teaching standards at their university are ‘˜poor’™, according to a new research

More than 3,400 students took part in the survey by course module review site Student Hut (www.studenthut.com), which aimed to discover more about student attitudes, experiences, debt levels and employment prospects.

Many of the students surveyed also felt that the level of support available outside of lectures and seminars was lacking (20.8%).

Dan Lever, founder of Student Hut, said: “Students need access to more information before they make decisions about university. If they feel that their experiences are not living up to the expectations they were sold in brochures, then we’re not doing enough to help them.

“At Student Hut, we’re aiming to be like TripAdvisor for universities. Our users help each other out by leaving reviews on course modules, allowing others to make more informed choices. This pooling of information also highlights problem areas, so that universities can take measures to improve the quality of course modules.”

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