Getting kids moving

Academics at Leeds Beckett University are seeking primary schools to take part in their Getting Kids Moving research project

The research will investigate how children in the UK aged between seven and 11 years spend their time and how active they are.

The Getting Kids Moving project is funded by Ferrero’s +Sport Move and Learn Project and led by Helen Ingle, senior lecturer in Health Promotion at Leeds Beckett and Susan Coan, research assistant. The team is recruiting schools from all over the UK to take part in an online survey for parents and, in some schools, focus groups with children lasting around 45 minutes each. â€¨

Speaking about the study, Helen commented: ‘We are delighted to be undertaking this exciting research project to find out about UK children’s lives and how they spend their time. The team will collect data from both parents and children to find out about what children do in their spare time and how active they are. We hope to get a really good picture of the current situation, and to identify new ways to help children and families to become more active and healthy.’

The research will take place throughout June at a time convenient for each school. Children and parents will be asked about their habits and opinions about physical activity, which will help to inform future projects, reducing the risks of children and families being overweight and encouraging them to lead more active and fulfilling lives. Schools taking part in the research will receive a voucher worth at least £100 to spend on PE or active play equipment. They will also receive details of the findings of the study and tips for parents on getting their kids active.

For more details about the project, or if you are a school wanting to take part, please contact:

Susan Coan 

0113 812 8496

Helen Ingle

Ferrero’s + Sport Move and Learn Project is a not-for-profit initiative, funded by Ferrero and run in partnership with the Football League Trust, to encourage children to be active and healthy. The aim of the +Sport Move and Learn Project is to increase the levels of physical activity, promote nutritional education and build awareness of the importance of a healthy diet and active lifestyle amongst children.

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