Get involved in ASRA!

By Niamh Banks, ASRA Communications and IT Officer, and Residences Supervisor, Maynooth University

ASRA is an open and welcoming organisation with a wealth of knowledge and experience among its membership base. It is this knowledge and experience that we need you, as members, to bring to the committee to give us new ideas and keep us in touch with our membership base. We welcome all suggestions and encourage members who haven’t been on the committee to consider getting involved. What keeps us relevant is making sure we know what is going on in the sector and for that we need participation from our members. 

Next March at the ASRA AGM, there are some management committee positions that will fall vacant. We are always looking for people to get involved, so why don’t you give it a try? If you are unsure about what is involved, feel free to contact anyone on the committee for advice.  


CHAIR: What does the ASRA Chair do?

 – To achieve, maintain and promote the association’s aims and objectives

 – To represent the association on national bodies

 – To delegate the Association’s view to other interested parties

 – To liaise with representatives of related organisations

 – The conduct the AGM and Management Committee meetings in accordance with standing orders

 – To approve financial transactions and to be a signatory of the Association’s bank account


 – Website, mailbase and social media administration

 – Communications and IT strategic development

 – Promotion of Annual Conference

 – The keep the committee apprised of technological updates that may be appropriate to ASRA

 – To act as primary contact for the association’s IT service providers

 – To contribute/edit contributions of monthly articles to University Business magazine on behalf of ASRA

TRAINING OFFICER: What do they do?

 – Identify the training needs of ASRA members

 – To organise, attend and deliver at least one national training event a year

 – To maintain existing and foster new links with training providers

 – To negotiate advantageous fees with training providers

 – To participate in the annual conference working group, to organise and advise on the training content of the training programme

 – To identify regional training needs


 – Arrange and chair two regional meetings each year

 – Liaise with the Training Officer about regional member training needs

 – Recruit, welcome and support new members

 – Attend the Annual conference

 – To represent the region at the four annual committee meetings

 – To keep, post/disseminate meeting minutes via email and the website

 – There are four rep positions coming vacant in 2018: Wales, Midlands, South West and Northern 

‘What keeps us relevant is making sure we know what is going on in the sector and for that we need participation from our members.’ 

Getting Elected to the ASRA Committee

Management Committee positions are elected at the AGM and members of the management committee serve a three-year term. The position of Chair (and Secretary) can only be filled by members from an organisation that has full membership, ie that are members of an institution of higher or further education in the UK or Ireland. 

BEFORE THE ANNUAL CONFERENCE: The call for nominations is sent to all members.

 – Interested parties must submit a completed nomination form and manifesto. The nomination form must be signed by two full members of the association

 – Candidates’ names and manifestos are then circulated in advance of the AGM


 – Members on the delegate floor of the AGM vote for whichever candidate they prefer by a show of voting cards from the floor

 – It is possible for nominations to be taken from the floor on the day. However, we advise everyone to get nominated and do up your manifesto in advance 

REGIONAL REPS: Regional representatives are elected by their region at a regional meeting. The outgoing rep seeks expression of interest from regional members. If there are several volunteers, they must draw up a manifesto which gets circulated to the region. The region then votes on who is to take over. Regional reps serve a term of two years on the committee. 


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