Free AV Resources from the BUFVC

Sarah Allen-Reading from the British Universities Film & Video Council discusses the organisation’s free audio visual resources

It’s the start of another new year and what better way to begin the new academic term than by hearing about some of our free audiovisual resources? 

Let’s start with the Moving Image Gateway, an online resource providing a ‘gateway’ to almost 1,500 websites relating to moving image and sound materials, which have been selected for their value in teaching, learning and research. It is fully searchable by over 40 subject disciplines, from Advertising to Women’s Studies, and is updated regularly to ensure new audiovisual material is available for use in the classroom and beyond.

Another popular resource, with an international scope (and use), is the Shakespeare on Film, Television and Radio database. The authoritative online database of Shakespeare-related content from film, television, radio and the web, benefits from regular updates from our in-house team and currently holds almost 8,000 records dating from the 1890s to the present day.

Or what about taking a look through the 605 moving image videos available to view on our website from Roundabout? Roundabout was the the monthly cinemagazine for South and Southeast Asia and the videos, dating from 1962 to 1974, are all in sound and vibrant Technicolor. They were provided by the British government’s Central Office of Information to promote British values, manufacturing and the ethos of the Commonwealth and were described by civil servants from the time as ‘soft propaganda’ as the light ‘magazine’ style treatment of ‘topical’ stories conveyed detailed factual content in an entertaining way.

Happy New Year from the BUFVC – please visit for more information.


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