Five years of Housing Hand, the UK guarantor service!

Housing Hand – rent guarantor service, turning five marks the affirmation of a valued and trusted UK guarantor service for students.

As the first and leading guarantor service, Housing Hand turning five marks the affirmation of a valued new service and the importance of the international student market in the UK.

Happy Birthday Housing Hand!

As we wish a very happy fifth birthday to Housing Hand, it is worth reflecting on how their success is representative of a wider influence on the student housing market. This is evident in their 60,000 plus applications to date and more importantly the fact that they work directly with the majority of higher education institutions and over 3,000 accommodation providers across the UK and Republic of Ireland.

How does Housing Hand rent guarantor service work?

In the UK, the majority of letting agencies, landlords and private halls  frequently  ask students to provide a UK Guarantor as a condition of renting a property. A Guarantor agrees to take on the financial liability of all rent legally owed by the student to the accommodation provider. If students cannot provide a UK-based Guarantor, they may have to pay their rent in advance, which can be as much as the full 12 months rent. Paying a substantial amount of money in advance can cause additional stress and pressure for students who are unable to provide a qualifying Guarantor.

Housing Hand will stand as UK rent guarantor from just 8 monthly installments of £42 or alternatively, tenants can save 15% with a single payment. The award winning service offers fully comprehensive cover of rent, damages and dilapidation for international and UK students as well as working professionals.

The international student market

Part of Housing Hand’s success can be attributed to the popularity of international students coming to study in the UK. It may not come as a shock to many working in the Higher Education industry that Universities UK International (UUKi) found that the UK welcomes the second largest volume of students from abroad, behind the United States which have a much higher capacity available and most of the top-ranked universities (2017). In addition to this, Universities UK International found that the UK was the most recommended destination to study by both undergraduates and postgraduate international students.

Increasing international student numbers

Given the information above, it is hardly surprising that the number of international students coming to the UK have increased over the past decade. In the 2017 paper “Patterns and Trends in Higher Education”, UUKi stated that despite the fact that 79.9% of students in UK Higher Education Institutions are from the UK, the proportion from the rest of the world has increased by 4.9% from 2006-2007 to 2015-2016.

How else has Housing Hand grown? It’s more than an international student service.

Housing Hand have not sat back and relied on the increasing demand for a UK based rent  guarantor. They have grown by adapting to the increasing demand from UK nationals with previous credit issues, creating a monthly payment plan to help reduce upfront costs and accepting working professionals such as international university staff who make up 29% of the UK’s academic staff (UUKi 2017). As a company, they have branched out to cover the demand and ensure a high degree of customer experience, demonstrated by a consistently high rating of 4.5 stars on Trustpilot, by increasing their staff tenfold, as well as expanding their companies reach internationally with partners based in Europe, Middle East, South Asia and the Far East.

How Housing Hand work with Universities and Students Unions

By working closely with Universities and higher education institutions Housing Hand can assist departments and Students Unions in helping students secure  the accommodation of their choice without the stress or financial struggle of paying all their rent in advance.

Housing Hand provide support to various departments within the University from Student Welfare/Advice, Accommodation department to the International Office and Student Union services by working in partnership with them to help inform UK and international students of their options, financial liability and legal requirements when renting in the UK.

Each partnership is tailored to suit the University and their various departments to ensure the students receive the best service whilst lightening the admin, resources and time burden placed upon Universities. Their partnerships are always free for the institution involved and vary purely on the level of support required.

What is a rent guarantor service?

rent guarantor service

A guarantor is someone who is held responsible for a loan taken out usually by a member of family, in the UK this means they have agreed to cover the cost of your rent if you think you’ll miss the payment. In certain cases, a rent guarantor is also held responsible to cover any damages to a property and agree to cover costs or deposits.

Rent guarantors are strict requirements for many landlords as part of a new rental property contract. It allows landlords to ensure a new tenant doesn’t miss payments and takes full responsibility for any damages to the property. It is not however not a status used against tenants or lack of trust

Finding a rent guarantor can be a difficult process, often becoming an obstacle for new tenants. Here are the requirements:

– Be aged 18 to 75
– Good credit score history
– Agree to be able to cover your monthly rent
– UK residency

Housing Hand was created exactly for this obstacle. They are the most trusted and secure UK guarantor service for students in the  and working professionals.

Using Housing Hand rent guarantor service HE students and working professionals can guarantee the securing of a new rental property. Benefits of using this UK guarantor means tenants can pay their rent in smaller installments, reduce the risk of giving responsibility of the guarantor to someone who would be unfit, don’t need to pay a deposit and can entrust the landlord with the full security they seek.

How to apply to a rent guarantor service

Housing Hand is a trusted rent guarantor service for students in the UK. Watch this video to find out how to get a rent guarantor.

Interested in how Housing Hand can work with your HE Institution?

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