Five things students expect in term two

Sponsored: A leading internet provider for student accommodation, StudentCom works closely with students to find out what they want. Here’s the scoop:

1. Insider Knowledge

No, we’re not talking about the kind of thing they’ll find in a text book. We mean learning life hacks, study tips, and finding out what events are going on in halls and on campus. Think budgeting and cooking tips, links to support services, reviews of the best student apps and more! But where can they find all this?


Campuslife’s online Browzer platform is used by universities across the UK for exactly this.  Students can access Browzer on all their devices (it’s optimised for mobile use as we know students are always on their phones), and they can add events straight to their calendar so they don’t miss a thing. What’s more, we track exactly what students are engaging with,  which means you get loads of useful data too.

2. To return to their second home

Note the word ‘home’ not ‘accommodation.’ In term 1, everything was new and everyone was in the same boat. This term, students were either excited to return to their flat and have a catch-up with friends, or nervous about leaving the comfort of their family home. Students expect a similar standard of living as they have at home, which means their accommodation facilities need to be on point, and staff should be on hand to reassure anyone who’s a little homesick.

We know how important feeling at home is, which is why we’ve developed our network to allow students to connect and sync multiple devices no matter where they are in the building,  just like they can at home.

3. To make more friends

Not everyone finds a ‘BFF’ in Freshers’ Week, which means many students are still looking to bond with peers in Term 2. Communal areas are perfect for this, so students really appreciate film or games nights organised in accommodation. International students also expressed an urge to integrate more with British students, so organised events like afternoon tea or day-trips are perfect for this.

4. Quiet please!

Students are no longer seen as lairy party animals without a care in the world. The modern-day student knows all too well how much their education costs and how competitive the job market is, so they take studying seriously. In February, many students have exams and coursework deadlines, which means revision, early nights and early mornings. They expect peace and quiet not just in the library but in their halls too. Most students are realistic about noise, but if rowdy neighbours become a problem, students like to know who they can report this to without having to confront the noise maker themselves.

5. To find somewhere to live next year

Deciding where to live and who to live with next year becomes a priority by March/April time. It used to be the case that students spent their 1st year in halls, then moved to a shared house. However, many international and mature students are choosing to live in purpose-built student accommodation in their 2nd year.

A key attraction is that bills and services are managed for them, (usually involving a monthly or termly payment), and that purpose-built accommodation is considered safer and more secure, which is particularly important to international students.

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