Durham University creates a fully mobile campus

Students and staff at Durham University now have 24/7 remote access to virtual desktops and apps

Durham University has created a fully mobile campus where its 18,700 students and 4,300 staff are able to remotely access their virtual desktops and all the applications they need to do their work from wherever they choose on their preferred device.

Whether that’s a PC, Windows Surface, Mac, Android, iOS tablet, phone using native touch gestures, Chromebook, Linux, Xbox One, PS4, in theory, they can use any device with an HTML5 browser.

So students can use their favourite devices and enjoy the flexibility they need to learn from anywhere without being tied to one single campus location.

Open all hours

“We need to address an out-of-date situation whereby students had to physically go to one specific location on campus, during opening hours, to access the applications needed to do their work. Our aim was to find a way to deliver applications that was consistent, flexible and simple for the end user as well as being cost-effective, sustainable and secure,” said Michael Coxon, technical lead at Durham University.

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