Data and the student experience

A new report by student internet provider ASK4 highlights the obstacles and opportunities faced by student accommodation operators when gathering and managing their residents’ data

Data and The Student Experience is the latest report in ASK4’s Connected Living series, written in conjunction with Red Brick Research. The report delves into student attitudes towards their data and personal information, while looking at what student accommodation providers can do to help alleviate fears and make their offering more attractive to potential residents.

Almost 1,000 students studying in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Germany were asked for their views on how their data is collected, their concerns about how it is used, as well as which types of organisations they would be happy to share their data with. 67% of the students surveyed said they were more likely to share their data with organisations if there was transparency about how their data was collected and used. 58% said they would be happy to share if the purpose is to protect their safety and security, with 49% willing to share if it would be beneficial to their well-being.

Guidance for Accommodation Operators and Providers

With an emphasis on GDPR obligations and ensuring resident needs are being met, Data and The Student Experience looks to draw attention to the growing awareness that today’s students have about their data, and how their accommodation providers need to react in order to provide the best possible experience for their residents. The report also contains guidance on the types of opportunities to enhance accommodation by using student data. Areas such as security, wellbeing, allocation and building design are discussed in-depth, and demonstrate ways in which data collection can be utilised in innovative and appealing ways to students.

European Insight

For providers operating across Europe, the report provides some interesting insights into the varying attitudes of students in different countries. 67% of students in the UK would trust accommodation providers with their data, compared with 43% in Ireland, 26% in Germany and 21% in Spain. With transparency high on the agenda, this provides the chance to build reputation and engage with their residents by communicating with them and disclosing the facts on how their data is being managed.

Download the Data and The Student Experience report here.

ASK4 is an award-winning provider of high-speed internet solutions and managed data services for student accommodation. ASK4 currently serves hundreds of thousands of customers across hundreds of sites in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Poland (with further countries in development stages). Services include superfast broadband, full site WiFi and 24/7/365 multi-lingual technical support.

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