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A space-saving bed-and-desk combination is proving popular with schools and universities with limited space for student accommodation

With limited building plots available – especially in London – clever planning in the design phase is crucial to maximise student occupancy and the return on investment, while maintaining comfort and functionality. Combining the expertise of architects, innovative interior design and space-saving furniture, creates living areas that meet both the needs of students and housing groups.

The unique StudyBed is an example of space-saving furniture which is increasingly being used to ease the challenges of limited space in schools and universities. The dual-functioning bed and desk combination is proven to help maximise space and give flexible options for dormitories, those ‘awkward’ rooms and twinning scenarios. Within a small footprint, the desk converts to a bed (single, small double or double) in a matter of seconds. The desk pulls down effortlessly and without the need to remove any books, computer equipment, drinks or general clutter. As the desk pulls down, the fully made-up bed emerges from the wall.  

Portsmouth University was one of the first educational institutions to understand how using StudyBeds solved so many issues; they purchased 26 initially, over five years ago, with the purpose of creating more bed spaces through twinning. The beds have performed faultlessly ever since. 

Sheila Daly, head of residential services, said of their StudyBeds: “You get flexibility and quality combined. When we considered the cost of each room void, the investment was clearly worthwhile.”

The latest University to adopt this strategy has been Falmouth, where 96 StudyBeds and additional furniture have recently been installed. Oliver Lane, accommodation services manager, said: “StudyBeds were an obvious solution to our increased demand for accommodation, allowing us to offer an innovative and attractive shared room option to our students. The StudyBed team offered a high level of professionalism and customer service during the project, starting on their first visit to site when we discussed bespoke design, through to the completion of the installation program. The feedback we have received from students using the StudyBeds, and prospective students visiting campus, has been very positive.”

The StudyBed is a simple but extremely clever design that is incredibly easy to use and yet solid and sturdy to withstand the rigours of student life. It comes with a five-year warranty. StudyBeds are available for evaluation on a free-trial basis, so that everyone can thoroughly appraise them; just call or email the company and they will deliver and install one, and collect it when you are ready. Simple.

The StudyBed Company also offer a leasing deal, whereby the cost can be spread over three to five years. For example, under £1 per day would finance a single StudyBed along with overhead storage option; if you calculate the extra revenue achieved by twinning a room, it is easy to see how profitable the deployment of these beds can be, let alone solving the problem of insufficient bed spaces!

Another innovative concept from The StudyBed Company is the new ConverTable desk. It is a desk and a table in the same footprint, potentially doubling the workspace of classrooms, offices and libraries in less time than it takes to say ‘A-B-C’.

The StudyBed Company, International House, Station Yard, Thame, Oxfordshire OX9 3UH 
T: 01844 214 484


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