Committing to a sustainable future

Lucideon is helping higher education to boost brand, reputation and student appeal across the board

The sustainability assurance provider is doing so through assurance of certified management systems and carbon footprints.

As a member of the EAUC, Lucideon has worked extensively with the education sector, providing independent certification of standards such as ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 and verification of mandatory and voluntary carbon footprints

Having externally certified management systems in place is a key discriminator of real commitment and action, not only helping ‘green’ universities to improve their brand and reputation, but also helping them to focus on continual improvement which often brings about cost savings and improved performance and efficiency.

ISO 50001, the international energy management system, is growing in popularity with the sector.

Tim Watts, Operations Manager, Assurance says: ‘With rising energy costs, proactive energy management is a necessity for any university these days. As well as helping to manage energy better, focusing on this area also leads to environmental benefits, such as the reduction of carbon emissions, something which prospective students factor into their choice of where to study.’

Raising awareness of policies and actions is seen as increasingly important and has led to leagues being set up, such as the People and Planet Green League. Its 2013 study showed that universities are doing more to integrate sustainability into the curriculum and to engage both staff and students on sustainability issues. Indeed, 47% of universities gained full points for integrating sustainability into the curriculum, compared to just 27% just two years ago* and this figure is expected to rise year on year.

Benefits of independent assurance

–    Boost your ‘green’ profile

–    Increase the potential to improve your rankings on the People and Planet Green League

–    Certification/verification from an internationally recognised body is seen as an attractive option for environmentally minded students making their choice of university

–    Stakeholders (staff, students, government, regulators) want to work with and be part of ‘green’ organisations

–    Make better use of energy, recycle waste more efficiently and improve raw material selection

–    Potentially reduce costs and improve performance and efficiency


To view Lucideon’s videos on ISO 50001 and Carbon Footprinting, download their guides on Management Systems and to view their case studies click here.

*information from the People and Planet website