Collaboration for inclusive economic growth launched at Birmingham University

It is hoped that the research partnership, the West Midlands Regional Economic Development Institute, will improve the effectiveness of investment

The University of Birmingham has launched a new research partnership, the West Midlands Regional Economic Development Institute (WM REDI).

A collaboration between various local and regional stakeholders, the project was launched on February 3 and aims to back inclusive economic growth across the UK.

In the first instance it will be hosted on the university’s Edgbaston campus, before moving to its Exchange building next year.

WM REDI’s principal role will be to develop data analysis and monitoring tools in a bid to improve the effectiveness of economic investment and social innovation.

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“WM REDI is a potentially vital development, and so timely,” said Alice Frost, director of knowledge exchange at Research England, one of the initiative’s key funders.

“It should provide evidence and partnerships to help deliver the government’s 2.4% target [of investing 2.4% of GDP in research and development by 2027], and specifically to contribute insights on place research and development strategy. We are looking forward to learning from it.”

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