Cengage Learning forges new partnership

Cengage Learning partners with Celebrus Technologies to understand how students use digital course materials in classroom

By Natalie Wilkie

Cengage Learning, an educational technology and services company, announced their new partnership with Celebrus Technologies, a provider of consumer behavioural data.

As the first major US publisher to work with Celebrus, Cengage will be able to understand how data can inform student product usage, learning objectives and learning outcomes.

Cengage Learning’s online teaching and learning resources, CengageNOW, Aplia and MindTap, will be the first products integrated with the Celebrus technology. Cengage will be able to monitor student and professor behaviour, such as log-in time, most visited pages and length of time spent on a page, giving them a complete profile of their consumers. Collected data will then feed into research and development in an effort to improve upon existing products and create new ones that will increase student engagement and deliver a superior learning experience.

Stuart Hayes, Senior Vice president of Customer Understanding at Cengage Learning, said: “At Cengage Learning, we know that data has the potential to play an extremely large role in education technology.

“Marking an industry leading shift in long-standing practice, Cengage is putting students first in the development of educational materials. As we integrate this technology into our digital offerings, we are essentially opening the window to better see how students are using these products.  The better we know and understand our end-users base, the more qualified we will be to create products that will delight them. We use student input, testing and feedback to teach us how to best engage students and it helps us to improve upon pain points and amplify favoured features – which will, in turn, result in a greatly improved user experience”.

Katharine Hulls, Vice President of Marketing at Celebrus Technologies, also commented: “This is an exciting time for Celebrus as we work closely with Cengage Learning to facilitate a better understanding of their customer base. As our first US publishing partner, we are excited to see how Cengage Learning will use our technology to deepen learning insight and improve outcomes in the education space. Together, we will be able to take digital big data technology and its impact far beyond what was provided by traditional tag-based solutions, and create a greater understanding of their efficacy and success to their clients.”







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