Capture the attendance of overseas students in real-time

Synel’s Edureg solutions help institutions stay abreast of attendance and registration data

Synel one of the most experienced providers of Management Software Solutions for Education in the UK, provides an efficient and practical real-time registration solution to monitor the attendance of overseas students studying on a Tier 4 visa. The Tier 4 student visa service offers overseas students the opportunity to gain recognised qualifications from reputable and government approved universities and colleges in the UK.

It is a Home Office requirement that all approved colleges and universities report any unauthorised Tier 4 student absences and missed expected contacts. Synel real-time registration solution, EduReg, monitors and electronically records student attendance accurately, efficiently and in real-time, therefore helping higher education institutions to comply with Home Office regulations.

EduReg by Synel is a web based suite of modular solutions for managing student interactions with the common elements of university life. It provides a simple and user friendly interface for the monitoring of student attendance with a web based electronic registration using biometric identification (fingerprint or facial recognition), allowing visitor management, dashboard views and mobile registration. EduReg records the presence, absence and lateness of students and can fully integrate with the cashless environment. All readers are in constant communication with the controlling PC, delivering real-time information, necessary for managing registration and attendance accurately and efficiently.

EduReg features:

– MIS integration
– Web enabled
– Dashboard View
– Unlimited students
– Unlimited registration points
– Major tool in fighting truancy
– Lesson Registration
– AM/PM Registration
– Fixed or mobile registration points
– Teacher tablet application
– Absence alerts and optional attendance alerts for parents
– Student/parent smartphone app
– Third party integrations

Yuval Gonen, General Manager of Synel UK, comments: “Synel UK Intelligent Management Software is the ultimate ‘toolkit’ for Higher Education Institutions providing effective tracking of the location of students and delivering information in real-time whilst complying with the Home Office reporting requirements.”
Synel UK Educational expertise

Synel has the skills and expertise to manage data capture projects of any size or complexity. Specialising in student attendance and registration solutions, Synel UK has 25 years of experience in managing complex educational data capture projects. Synel Intelligent Management Software offers modular solutions like Student Registration, Cashless System and Access Control all-in-one solution thus offering a flexible and adjustable system for today’s colleges and universities needs.

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